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I like to see entrepreneurs on here be successful. That goes for all of them because healthy competition gives us all better products. One bit of advice I will dispense, that I think many who frequent this forum will agree with, is for Kima, or any other vendor,not to let himself get dragged into the P*ssing contests set off by the many trolls that frequent this (and almost every) forum.
While I can understand why vendors can feel compelled to respond to unfair comments, eventually the trolls bait them into making themselves look bad, fairly or unfairly. The end result is they eventually get to the point that every time they post they get baited into a trollathon and, I think, they lose themselves potential customers.

That's it for advice. Here is a request for Kima's consideration. I have been using an AirFoil mount for a few years now. The one with pan and tilt. It was exactly what I needed when I started and was using a cameraman and I still use it sucessfully. After the first year, I had to go solo. I think there are alot of us solo AP'ers out here. Since there were a few comments about the expense of Kima's mounts, I would like to suggest that he considers making a less expensive mount that eliminates that panning gear and makes the tilt manual (done on ground). This is based on my experience with how I utilize my AF mount. I have the pan function locked in place and I almost always lock the tilt funtion down about 40 degrees. This would provide him the ability to provide his nicely engineered mount at a lower price point, along with the additional functionality that his higher scale mounts afford. With his modular design and upgradability, this might get a few more cost conscious customers into the game, with the option of buying more functions for the future. Not sure how much this would lower his entry price point, but I would guess a large percentage of cost is tied up in the remote pan and tilt capability.

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Flap, I like your idea of the "solo mount".

My two cents would add a tilt fuction that would slowly change tilt angle by 10 to 20 degrees. It would be cyclic, about 2 to 4 seconds for a cycle. Would allow the horizon and subjects to be in frame at various altitudes. Tilt being the only fuction that cannot be directly altered with tyhe heli. Would take a few more shots than usual, but hey, you are using a digital camera right?

Flying solo would eliminate all the expensive gyros, panning servos, video downlinks, and associated gear.

Less time planning a two man operation, less equipment maintenance and support, fewer people on the payrole. You would be loaded and ready at a moments notice.

Leave the expensive stuff for the video guys. Spend your time taking pictures rather than trying to figure out how to eliminate all the mount problems.

PS...One mount that will do it all will never exist. Quality, function, looks, price and service are all secondary to marketing in todays world. Having choices scares some suppliers and is welcomed by others. The consumer will have the final say.

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From the new sponsor rocks thread that was a rant and then closed...
They get more per shoot than anything realtors would pay before, or would pay any of you.
WOW! I don't even know where this came from or how it started... but geez. That wasn't the only disparaging remark directed at "any of you". I for one do part-time/full-time aerial photography, and am not real fond of the comments that seem to be directed to those of us low-lifes who don't do "$400,000+" in sales every year.

Add another mount company to the list that I'll never do business with, and this wasn't even my beef to start!


Help! I'm umop apisdn

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