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11-28-2007 04:20 AM  10 years agoPost 1


brunswick, ga. 31525

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I'm getting ready to build my new trex 600N pro. I have read alot about the stock fan not being any good or the stock one way bearing. Are these somethings that should be upgraded before I build it?

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rrElite Veteran


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If you plan on upgrading, now would be the time to do them.

The fan, the clutch liner, the one way. They can all be done after the build. But why put it together if you're gonna tear it apart again.

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11-28-2007 04:32 AM  10 years agoPost 3


Not sure.

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I would put the new metal Align fan in but make sure you balance it on a high point balancer first and that goes for any fan. If your not sure how go to helifreak and watch Bob's video on how to, its pretty simple.

The one way issue is hit or miss. I've been running the stock in my E and haven't had an issue yet and I know a lot of other guys are running the stock as well with no issues. If it does fail its not a big deal and won't cause you to crash so I if I were you I would give the stock one a try and see how it goes. If it does fail its no big deal to change it out later. All you have to do is pop 3 links, pull the jesus bolt out, lift the head up and the whole gear assembly slides out the side. If you do change it you will need the removal tool to get the old one out, it costs like $7.00 or so.

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11-28-2007 06:10 AM  10 years agoPost 4

rrKey Veteran

Saitama-Ken, Japan

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I wouldn't get the new oneway assembly from align; it will lock up again. Mine locked up after 6 flights or so. I am using an aftermarke oneway and works great so far.

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