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I have never been satisfied with the way my Knight 50 3D rolls: As it passes through inverted, the nose tends to point skyward and it corkscrews through the rolls-the faster the roll, the more it likes to point its nose up. My Knight Pro does this a bit. My Raptor .50 does this a bit also.

I have, all along, thought this was a problem with my technique, but my TREX 600E does not do this at all-it rolls perfectly flat with just aileron and pulling down on the collective gently as it passes through inverted.

The paddles were parallel to the swashplate on all machines, and their was no CCPM interaction on the three CCPM machines.

I read several threads on people having these issues with the TREX 600N very carefully (evidently Align has released a new swashplate to address this). I had the chance to examine a 600N this morning and the swashplate timing was at "zero".

Upon examining the four machines and consulting via P.M.'s with Ade Law (thank you, sir), I examined the swashplate timing. The timing on the 600E is fixed and retarded (i.e. when viewed from the top, the swashplate follows the head by about five degrees). The timing on the Knight Pro and the Raptor 50 was neutral or zero. The timing on the Knight 3D was advanced (an error by yours truly).

I retarded the timing on the two Knights by approximately the same amount as the TREX 600 (the Raptor timing is, unfortunately fixed).

The result was a much flatter roll with both Knights (tested today). Nice that the manufacturere provided the option to adjust the timing as needed.

I try as hard as I can to be meticulous in my set-ups, but swashplate timing is new to me (after 32 years building and flying model helicopters).

Anyone else run into this?

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Yes and beleive it or not main blades effect this as well.
Since the lead lag is not the same on every blade. So yes once you figure out where it needs to be for your set up it is great.

Dx7 With Ion Power Supply. Why use anything else.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterCompass Knight 50 ODIN 90 › Swashplate Timing
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