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09-15-2007 03:07 AM  10 years agoPost 1


Texas, yall.

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Hello there runryder! I have just depleted the first charge of my battery pack, and I replaced my props (all of em) already.

My uncle gave me a Venom Ocean Rescue for my birthday. I was already lurking on your forums, but now that I have a helochopper thingamajig whirlybird I feel somewhat... entitled to post.

I've flown the tiny Airhogs before, so I know how to touch a stick (gawd that sounds bad) gently. So far on this first charge I managed to get about a meter off the ground before the wind gusted. I should have stayed in the tractor-trailer I trimmed it out in. I cut the throttle and brought it down, but the curb was looming closer. I got on the slew stick and angled the blades away from the imposing 5 inch high concrete bunker waiting to chew up my plastic, but to no avail! In this SOLE incident of my entire life, I regretted having balls.

Training balls.

One tiny bounce later, my flybar flew higher than I ever dared to take my VOR, along with a tiny linkage. Luckily it was only the blades that felt the pain, but in my newbishness, I assumed there were two linkages, resulting in my butt in the air for fifteen or so as I searched the nearby grass on the esplanade.

I wasnt discouraged, however, and immediately returned home to check on the part numbers, only to my absolute delight, found that there was only a single linkage after all!

I resumed my hovering, trying to work up out of ground effect, until no amount of throttle would raise my dolphin saving orange whirlybird off of the gentle weave of the rug.

You, RR forums, have made this possible today, without the immense knowledge of your collective (hive?) mind I never would have carefully adjusted my gyro, or balanced my batteries, or gently massaged my sticks. Now I just sit and wait for those little blinky lights to go solid, indicating my lipos are charged.

Thank you.

I'll bet you thought this was a sig.

Good for you!

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09-15-2007 02:23 PM  10 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran


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Welcome to our addiction !!!

If you're not living on the edge you're just taking up space !

09-15-2007 03:50 PM  10 years agoPost 3

rrElite Veteran

Nanoose Bay B.C, Canada

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no turning back...

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