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now i need help with my tx OPTIC 6. I am new to this i used the eclipse setup from radd, however it just goes as far as setting up the mix. Can anyone help with the rest i dont know what this stuff means expo, d/r, s.trm, epa, swah, rvmx,ptcv, thcv, r-t, t cut. i need some possible setups for these things.Also my right stick on the tx seems to control throttle.please can anyone help

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01-19-2008 05:12 PM  10 years agoPost 2


Dixon MO

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ok here you go

expo you can use this to adjust the stick center point
d/r is duel rates you use this to set up diffent servo travels
s.trm is sub trim its just a fine trim adjustment
epa is end point ajustment use this to set the end points of a servo
swash is used to set up the servo arangement of the swashplate.
rvmx ?
ptcv is the pitch curve of the blades adjustment
thcv is the throttle curve adjustment
t-cut is the throttle cut setting

well mine is left stick throttle there are two types of transmitters mode 1 and mode 2 one is left stick throttle and the other is right stick throttle. the norm in the US is left stick throttle.

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Nashville , TN

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When you say the right stick controls throttle, do you mean the right stick does not "center itself" ? and will stay down or up or wherever you put it? or it's just controlling the throttle?

If it's the latter, you may just have the esc plugged in to the wrong socket. The left stick should control both the throttle and the pitch. (at least in the USA, but we also drive on the wrong side, according to some people)

Not sure where you live but I would try to hook up with a good hobby shop or other heli flyers that can help a little....

It is so hard to give numbers for TX set ups...each heli is a little different....

Radd's website is excellent, just go slow and follow all the steps.

The Expo softens the stick around the middle so the servos don't feel as "touchy" and helps you to make smaller corrections.

I used to use an Optic 6 with my ECo then went to the DX7 so I can't look at my set also depends on your motor, batteries, servos, etc....

I believe the OPtic 6 can be changed between mode I and mode II, if you are in the wrong mode...

The left stick should have no centering spring.

Mike... Blade CP, HBCP2, Revo w/belt drive, Zoom 400, Eco 8, Hurricane 550, DX7 2.4

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