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Hey guy's new to the hobby , some time ago I purchased a 6xh futaba radio with the intent of buying a heli. but the funds went to another project. I live 200 miles from anyone who has a Rc heli and the wind blows everyday average 10mph or better. I would like to use this radio but if need be purchase another. I guess I am at the mercy of mail order purchases and recommendations I was looking at the T-Rex products 600 ele or maybe the Raptor gas series, I would like to have something that I will not out grow ,and has good upgrades if possible. I had a guy told me to get a 30 raptor and basic set up, and then I had a guy say stay away from the 30 series and buy something bigger and more durable 60-90. I like the raptor 90 looks stable? Can anyone direct me to a hobby shop, or anyone flying in western ks..........Thanks In advance

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If your jsut learning, I would stay away from a 90 unless money is no object. Parts for a 90 size machine can run a pretty penny. It would be more stable than a smaller heli, but the pucker factor would be increased with the extra money in the air.
Likewise, a 30 size is more economical to run (fuelwise), but after a while you may find yourself wanting more power...Enter the 50 size. A 50 size has a much better weight to power ratio while parts cost closer to a 30 size and in many cases a 50 size and 30 size share many parts.

That said, I started with a 30 size and got along just fine and finally upgraded to a 50 when the time was right.
A simulator is a great investment, saved me many crashes. I live 3 hours or so from any other heli pilots so I know where your coming from.
I live in NW Ks, so I know what you mean about winds..
As far as the radio, I am not familiar with that one. Since it is only 6 channels, you will be somewhat limited. Helis require 5 channels minimum. With a good gyro, you will usually need another for a total of 6. If I remember that radio, its a real bear to set up, but I may be thinking of a different model.
My 2 cents

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JETTIME...What ever heli you decide on you
should consider adding a copilot since you
don't have any experience or instructors.

FMA makes copilots that work with NON CCPM
heli's and with CCPM heli's.

The very simple to install copilot will
return your heli to a level stable hover
anytime you release the right stick.

It will NOT fly your heli around for you, it
will just return it to a hover from any attitude
it may be in. And it does it quickly.

You should read up on them at:

Now alot of guys who have never owned a
copilot will try to talk you out of it for
what ever reason.

I USE ONE and I'm telling you, they really
work. I use the CPD4 model which costs 70$.
It's the best 70 bucks I ever spent.

The CCPM model FS8 is only 115$.

Just something for you to consider.


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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › 6xh futaba radio
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