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I'm planning to join a local club in southern california. I'm completely new at this and wanting some advice and things to know. Many years ago when I first started to play golf I had no idea what to expect, such as, who was to go first, how long I can look for my ball, what to say when my ball goes astray, and was completely nervous about it besides the game itself. What should I be expecting from a club? Are they normally polite? Is it first come first serve? who flys first? Anyone? I see photos in Runryder at funflys and see tens of dozens of people pitching tents and sitting around working on their helicopters and watching like spectators. Am I aloud to walk around and admire other peoples machines? I figures it may be a social place LIKE golf. how do they treat beginners? I'm in the process of joining the AMA. Figure I'll be needing it in order to join a club.

last question: If i'm working on my heli and wanting to check my electronics - is their any worries about interferance? would I crash someone elses machine? Do I need more than one frequency? Is their a sign in or check in process?

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Trenton, Ohio,

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Most important, do NOT turn on your tx until you have a frequency pin. Unless you have a sepctrum radio and maybe even then the club could have rules. If you are using channel 54 and someone else is flying on 54, even if you are just making adjustments, you will cause them to crash. (Unless your using a DSC cord) The first thing I would receommend is to go out to the new club and I bet you will find a list of rules, if they have a website they will probably have a list there also. Don't be shy, most people will be really nice, just tell 'em your new and clueless and they will explain the rules to you. Wonder around and check out the other machines or whatever. You will learn that there is normally a spectator area, then a pit area, a flight line, pilot area, then most clubs will not want you to fly between the runway and the pilot area. There are even preferred parking areas at some clubs.

Just relax, and enjoy, you should meet all kinds of new people and soon, you will be looking forward to meeting so and so on certain days at the field.
As for who goes first, my friends and I generally take turns flying because we like to watch each other to see what we can learn or maybe even challenge them to do.
This doesn't cover it all, just just head out there and ask some questions, and watch what the others do and read the rules. You will figure it out pretty quick. It is simple and mostly just making use of good common sense and being polite. Good luck!

"I'd rather hover a Heli......than fly a plane"

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united kingdom Rainham kent

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local club
Hi nrad2000

I to am new to this hobby and if i hadn't joined my local club a few months ago would probably given up by now, the help and support is just great and much needed when you first start.
I can understand your nervousness but just ask lots of questions especially regarding safety for obvious reasons,a as these things can be very dangerous in the wrong hands.
I think most clubs are very similar and I'm sure there will always be someone around to give you a helping hand as and when you need it.
A good sim will help you a great deal if you have not already got one.
Good luck and happy flying

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Pistol Pete


Seffner, FL

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I'm in the process of joining the AMA.
excellent move.

you can "visit" any club prior to joining.

just hang out a few weekends and you will get the jist of how things are done.

Many clubs allow anyone with a AMA card to fly for a few dollars as in a "visitors" fee.

Best of luck!

~~Enjoying the hobby one flight at a time~~

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