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Sydney,NSW Australia

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Last weekend was a disaster for me, I effectively lost two AR6000 receivers on the same day.

It was really windy here in Sydney last weekend but I had to fly and should have know better, I had 2 heli's and a fixed wing foamy I wanted to fly and didn't listen to that nagging little voice that kept saying "don't do this, you know its not going to turn out well" and it didn't.

First up was my new Gaul Hurricane 550 Pro, this is new and I'm still getting used to it but with its size and weight it handled the strong winds pretty good. Next up was the little Align Trex 450SE, once minor dumb thumbs event close to the ground and at about 60mph with a strong tail wind and it as doing the "bits flying everwhere" dance! You gotta love the spectacular way helicopters find to dismantle themselves.

Then for the foamy, this is a Multiplex FunJet, eveything told me that this is way to light to be flying in such strong winds but no, did I listen. Anyway first flight didn't go to bad as long as I kept the power on and stayed away from the ground. Second flight I allowed it to get way to far downwind to see it well and gave up trying to fight the turbulance so I pulled throttle off and let it crash, better than loose it all together I thought. From where I was standing I thought it had crashed just inside the corner of the flying field, put the radio in the car and legged it over to where FunJet went in, nothing to be seen, looked a bit further and finally spotted the dayglow orange canopy and Lipo pack laying in the middle of the road but nothing else and no amount of searching the area could find it so I have to presume that some kind motorist must have stopped and picked it up.

First loss, 450TH motor, 35Amp ESC, AR6000 RX and the airframe, servos etc.

During the week I rebuild the damaged Trex only to find the AR6000 Rx had both antenna ripped off, case shattered and one of the two little receiver pcb's is missing a whole surface mount ic!

Both those AR 6000 Rx's have given great service over the last 18 months, initially with the DX6, then with a Spektrumised JR and now with the DX7, both have had the antenna wires replaced so many times I have lost count but they kept on working, totally glitch free, I will really mis those little guys.

So, on Thursday night I picked up 1 new AR6200 to put in the Trex, checked that it had the V1.2 sticker and put 3 batteries through the Trex today and thankfully no sign of any of the glitching or un-commanded elevator inputs that I had read about on here, so far so good!

Flying, crashing & having a ball.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterRadio - Spektrum DSM › First Flight with 6100 Rx
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