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Tucson AZ

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A friend and I tried about every blade we could find on the 600 today and I have to say we were surprised a little. I have been using SAB's on Raptors with great results so we thought the same would happen on the 600. No the SAB's were dog slow, what could cause this? We also tried the Align 600A blades and they were on par with the thunder tiger blades which are surprisingly good and very fast on the cyclic. Also tried the mavrick g4 620's the collective was insane but cyclic not so impressive. Tried V-blades not the new ones with the texture (we can't find them anywhere) and I am a big VBlade fan but not good, I can't pass judgement since we could not get their newest blades. Then of course we mounted the Radix at 20 dollars more and sorry to say just can't go back after that. I do miss the hard blade rip in tail slides. So what made the SAB's night and day different based on the heli? I don't think the long chord liked 14 degrees. Also anyone compare the Radix to the newest VBlades?


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James Hiscott , Germany for past 11 months

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Main & Tail Blade Count
Align 600Amm Main Blades
Align 3K Tail rotor Blads

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Garnet Valley, Pa.

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I ordered two pair of the new textured V blade 600's directly from Vick. Had them in two days..... last week

I'm flying SAB's now. I love them. V blades are spares right now. Haven't tried them yet.

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rrElite Veteran

Sydney, Australia

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To compare blades
-Weight them all, lighter blades are generally good for 3D
-Find the C/G, inner C/G is better for 3D

The profile is also important - but you just compare that in flight

SAB have a lot of different blade models,
they cater for FAI/F3C flying (more stable)
as well as 3D flying
I get confused looking at their large list of blades and type numbers

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HomeAircraftHelicopterAlignOther › Blade confusion.
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