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Yep, I want to slam some more on these one-ways! But first, what is up with the wobbling main gears?

My Main gear was wobbling so much, I bought a new one. Turns out the new ones were warped too!

So I tried the 5 different positions that the gear could fit on the Main Gear Case. Some of them were worse than others. As Murphy would have it, the 5th position I tried was the best.

So I tightened everything up and re-installed the gear in the heli.

This is my Sport which had the one-way lock up pretty good. Now there is significanty more slop than before due 100% to the one-way/Sleeve. Once installed, the main gear moves up/down and wobbles too much due to slop.

Also, what's up with the design of the One-way bearing and Sleeve fit? The shoulder of the sleeve fits on top of the one-way bearing. You have 2 surfaces sliding against each other with no bearings in between! There should be a radial bearing between this shoulder and the one-way! Can you imagine the friction between these 2 surfaces as the gear spins at high speeds!!??

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Your last point is incorrect, the one-way bearing and sleeve all move at the same speed while flying because the bearing will be engaged, as it should be. So there is no friction between them in flight.

I had a one-way lock up, I have replaced the bearing and the grease with wd40 lithium and have had no problems since. My main gear has end float now, but this is due to me inserting the bearing too deep when replacing it. I little end float in the main gear will not do ant harm as long as it is only the main gear and you have no float in the main shaft.

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Hey Rock my one way has not locked up no more since the lube job.

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08-12-2007 01:07 AM  10 years agoPost 4


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Dead issue
Get a new bearing and the new sleeve that measures 12.02 mm and you will be done, also if the one way is trashed the main gear will not run true. Mine was bad enough that it rubbed on the tail belt drive gear. Also the larger sleeve fits much tighter in the one way and will get rid of some of the gear wobble.


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