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08-09-2007 11:07 PM  10 years agoPost 1


Blenheim, New Zealand

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Hi there, thinking about getting the Thunder Power TP5000-4SX batt for my lepton, but not sure if my Hyperion 3025-10 & esc can handle it?

The specs for the TP5000 are
Max continuous current 125A
max burst current 250a

and for my 3025-10 are
Max eff. Current A: 27-37
Peak current A: 46A 60sec
54A 10sec

I have the Jazz 55-6-18, which is a 55/70 A current rating

Looks too me like the tp5000 discharges too much for my motor and esc? or am i missing something here?

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08-10-2007 12:30 AM  10 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

Stockton, CA United States

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People are using the lesser MAH TPX batteries with similar specs. The max battery amps are the batteries capabilites. The motor will not pull that much at a time out of your batteries. However, you may want to check the size to make sure that battery is not too big. I'm running an Evo 3700 4s on my Lepton and it gives me a good 7 minutes of flight but fits almost perfectly.

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Blenheim, New Zealand

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ok so its the motor that determines the discharge rate?
since it draws out (Max eff. Current A: 27-37) thats only like 5-7C discharge rate? or 12 to 8mins?
Think i understand now

yes the TP5000-4sx should fit its 34 x48 x160
the lepton is 37mmH x 50mmW x 160mmL

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08-17-2007 04:35 AM  10 years agoPost 4
Two Left Thumbs

rrKey Veteran

Houston, Texas - USA

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Hi nigello. Just to comment on your question...

Think of the battery as your gas tank. It can only flow so many gallons per hour. That is similar to the C rating.

Lets say your gas tank can flow 10 gallons an hour, but your engine only requires 1 gallon per hour. That is not a problem, the engine will draw 1 gallon, and the remaining 9 gallons is extra flow capacity.

The C rating of your battery is flow capacity.

Your battery can flow 125 Amps.

Your motor can peak at 54 Amps. It will pull 54 Amps from the battery.

The extra flow capacity just means the battery will not have to work at 100%, which means it will run cooler and last longer.

Just trying to add something here, hope that helps in your understanding.

08-17-2007 03:59 PM  10 years agoPost 5


Medina, Ohio, USA

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The more cells you add to the batteries in series will increase the voltage going to the motor, which would increase the current the motor is going to draw. For example the same motor may draw 30 amps from a 3S pack, 50 amps from a 4S pack, and 70 amps from a 5S pack.

So would Voltage be the Nitrous Oxide in your fuel tank analogy? The more NO2 in the fuel, the better and hotter the engine runs, if you have to much the engine will burn out.

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