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red lion,pa

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I have a e flight cx .the baterys don,t last 2 months .does anyone know of a nicd or mimh batery that is better and last longer gicing you more then 20 min running time .or 10 min like i have on my defective baterys. (the baterys i have now are stock 7.4v 800mah 2 cell lipo thanks

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Baltimore, MD USA

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CX Stock Batteries
The stock batteries aren't that bad, I have damaged one. I believe that was from me discharging it too far. All I do now is land the CX when I am nearly full stick on the collective, during a hover. I have nearly 100 flights on the rest of my batteries with no issues. My rule of thumb is stop flying when you notice a power drop and don't recharge until the battery reaches room temperature. The factory battery is (I believe) rated at 10c for discharge. I have found another battery on eBay that is 850mah and 15c. I have 2 of these. Compared to the stock battery, it seems to have better power at full collective and maybe a little longer flight times. A battery that would give the CX 20 minutes of flight time would probably be too heavy for the CX to carry (or at least the heavier battery would reduce the flight time and be a harder load on the motors). I have heard of people using a 3 cell li-po in the CX, I personally have never tried a 3 cell (I don't know if the 4 in 1 can handle a 3 cell li-po).

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lipo batteries
hello all,

Here is a tip to fix your batteries that you have discharged to much,
I use a jb 1100 charger
To fix your battery you need a 9volt battery two pieces of wire to fit in the balance charge lead of the battery and a volt meter.
TRY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK (it worked for me)
1)Put one wire in the black wire of the charge lead put the second wire in the blue lead of the charge lead.

2)Hold the wire in the black lead to the neg of the 9 volt and then tap the wire in the blue lead a few times to the pos of the 9volt.
now take a reading with the volt meter.

If the voltage is still below 3.8 volt repeat step 1 and 2.
do the same with the black and red wire .

Black and Blue = cell one
Black and Red = cell two.

Then i plug the battery into the charger and charge it

It will take longer then normal to charge the battery the first time after the above mentioned method .
The batteries i use are 7.4 800mAh 2 cell Li-Po

good luck caddy

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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › need help lipo battery junk
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