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Sterling Heights, MI

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I have an X-Cell 60 model 1001 that's been sitting around in the basement for 10 years or so and I'm looking at possibly getting it into the air again. After sitting around that long are there pieces / parts / assemblies on the airframe that are going to definitely need inspection, maintenance, or outright replacement? How about the engine?



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rrKey Veteran

Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

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I'm doing the same thing... except it's an XL Pro. What I'm doing is inspecting every section and upgrading things that doesn't seem right. A good example would be the tail rudder metal pushrod; I moved the bellcranck to the rear of the frame and replaced it with a 2 piece carbon fibre pushrod system. I also replaced the old flat tail pitch plate and replaced it with the fury yoke (basically the entire tail system is now fury). All electronics came from my Raptor 50 (9 CH PCM Rx, GY601/9251 servo, CSM RL10 governor/9254 servo, 5.7 volt regulator/7.4 volt lipo, KO Propo 2123 for aileron, elevator and pitch). I've rechecked the entire head and set the pitch to +-11 with +-7 degrees cyclic. I may replace the head dampeners but that can wait until I run the mechanics on the current OS61 engine and Hatori SB16 ...AND, thank God the engine started tonight for the first time after maybe so many years. I am waiting for the tank to come in from order and replace the entire plumbing system and add a fuel magnet or header tank. I also got a fury canopy I am trying to modify to fit the XL Pro, but I'll wait until I replace the engine with an OS91/SB18 (and the proper gear ratio, and clutch bell). Since it still has the 31.5 inch boom, I'm installing 690 blades and 95 mm tails. ... I hope it flies tomorrow or friday at least, even with the os61, just to test the mechanics....

well, I guess this will give you an idea of what to look for when bringing the old bird back to the skies.



DYNAX/OS91 : 9303/S649pcm : GY601/9251 : CSMRL10/9253 : 7.4vLipo/Regulator : KO2123s(ai/el/pi)

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMiniature Aircraft Whiplash & Fury 55 › Old X-Cell 60 - 1001
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