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cebu city, philippines

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its normal. it will regulate to 5.0 to 5.1v.

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3600 sanyo
I use 3600 sanyo NiMh (250gr) on my stinger 50, I knew that the CG was way off. yesterday I thought I might check up on how to correct it. Realized that I had a couple of choises.

1. add aprox 40 gr at the tail
2a. replace the battery with a lighter one, like the original JR 1100 NiCd that came with the radio (aprox 120 gr).
2b. replace the battery with a reg and lipo/liion

1. is the cheapest and easiest.
2a decreases flight time and 2b cost to much right now and I would have to reorganize the cables etc.

Honestly I dont think I will notice the 40 gr on the tail except that it is better balanced !?

What do you think?

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08-10-2007 02:00 PM  10 years agoPost 23

rrKey Veteran

Brampton, Ontario

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I used to be a firm believer in NiMh and NiCD's UNTIL I tried a LiOn set-up from Fromeco. There is no substitute. As far as safety with your equipment, it's as safe (or just about) as any NiCd set-up, and the voltage that the packs operate at will never cause a Low voltage cut-off situation in your receivers and gyro. I think until the servo industry catches up to the current power delivery systems today, running a LiOn RX pack and regulator is the way to go for worry free flying. Another benefit is the low self-discharge of these type of batteries, you can charge them up on a Sunday, and have no worries flying them on a Saturday.

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westpalmbeachflorida usa

My Posts: All  Forum  Topic can be pricey but I fly in all my helis and I can fly all weekend without charging try this

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Ontario, Canada

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NiMh are perfectly safe, if you select the right cells, and continually test them, as you should be doing with any battery. NiMh are not as rugged as NiCad, but a subC NiMh is a great choice for a rx battery. Sanyo FAUP packs are good too, but I find the larger diameter cells are more capable and more durable. SubC NiCads are virtually indestructible, they're great in the glow driver.
New NiMh packs MUST be conditioned before use, the first discharge is downright dangerous.
I use NiCads in the tx.

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