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08-10-2007 07:58 PM  10 years agoPost 21
AC Some Guy



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I had some (non RC related) anxiety issues and my psychiatrist prescribed some benzodiazepines for occasional use... (Specifically, Lorazapam... it's in the same family as Xanax.) I'm not supposed to use them more than say, twice a week. And I don't even use them that often.

I asked my Dr. specifically about flying RC while on it. He said that at my dose it should not be a problem. I re-explained the safety issues involved because I don't think he understands that these things are flying sawblades. He still said that I should be fine... he didn't believe that it would effect my judgement, just my anxiety.

So eventually, I happened to have an anxiety day on the weekend and I went flying. The net result was that I was less anxious about crashing my heli. I wasn't relaxed exactly, any flight involves a lot of butt-clenching, but I was stable in thought... enough to clearly think through my recovery moves, instead of panicing. I was flying lower than I usually do. I was falling a bit lower than I usually would, and doing an extra pirouet. I was letting the heli get into orientations that I would normally only do in the sim.

And now, a few months later, I'm not on the lorazapam at all, but my flying stays at the new, lower, slightly more aggressive style.

I think, in a very slight way, the drug helped me learn to relax on the sticks. I've been able to continue relaxing without it.

For everyone wanting to experiment with your mind... If there is something wrong with your mind, or you just don't like something that it does, please see a professional. I don't care if it is a psychiatrist, psycologist, natropath or a neurologist. Many of these people actually do have proven treatments (some not involving drugs) that can help you.

For the original poster, and those like him: Your complaint about nervous hands while flying is a legitimate thing to be addressed by a healthcare professional. Explain what you do and why it matters, and get good treatment.

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08-11-2007 09:26 AM  10 years agoPost 22


New Zealand

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You were lucky you got away with it, as the benzodiazepines affect thinking & psychomotor control. Ever tried getting a decent conversation out of someone whose taken a temazepam as a sleeping tablet? I personally would not want to be near someone flying whilst on benzos! That may sound harsh (sorry, AC_some_guy), but you need to know that some of us see them given on a daily basis, as anxiolytics & general anaesthetic agents.

The beta blockers have a variably sedating response, and are very commonly used as anti-hypertensives, and more importantly, as first line anti-anginal agents. Would you exclude someone with a bit of coronary artery disease, well controlled by his beta blocker? I think not. (And impotence and loss of libido-- unfortunate side effects -- are no reason to exclude a pilot.)

The trick is to differentiate between competition and social club flying, to try a small dose (20 to 40mg) of a short acting agent such as Inderal, and if you don't like what it does, leave it.

I agree that a medically trained person needs to prescribe & guide you in your own use.

08-11-2007 03:27 PM  10 years agoPost 23

rrElite Veteran


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side effects...

Even if only 1 person experiences a side effect during a controlled study, they drug makers will put it on the warning label to cover thier asses.

What is the actual percentage of individuals who experience severe side effects such as shock or others?

I bet its not as high as your alarming posts would have them be.

Stupidity can be cured. Ignorance is for life!

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