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Albuquerque, New Mexico

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I'd like to use my 9303 to control the pan and tilt servos on a camera mast, using a long cable, and the DSC port on the transmitter.

The problem is that I don't have the DSC cable, don't know which of the two that Horizon offers is the one to buy... and can't check it out in the instructions, since the "G-16" page that covers such things is non-existent in both the heli and aircraft versions of the instruction manual.

Has anybody used their DSC... and can share with me how to do it?



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Redondo Beach, CA

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The DSC cable is a very simple "straight-through" cable that goes from an 1/8" mono phone plug to a servo connector. The servo connector plugs into the Battery/DSC port on the receiver. The tip on the 1/8" plug goes to the signal on the receiver port and the sleeve is ground which goes to ground on the receiver port.

- John

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Basically the DSC connector takes the data stream from the processor(before it goes to the RF module/pcb) and sends it down the cable. It may be PPM or PCM depending on the Modulation set on the 9303. This signal is injected on the "signal"pin of the battery connector on the receiver. (The levels are typically 0V & 5V.)

This "signal pin" is the point in the receiver immediately prior to the decoder but after the RF circuits. (This point can also be used to monitor the received signal).

The decoder then does its job and sends the relevant information to the individual servos.

On JR transmitters, the action of inserting the DSC cable into the rear of the set will energise the processor section only AS LONG AS THE MAIN SWITCH IS LEFT OFF.

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