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Redmond, WA USA

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I've only had my Raptor for a month or so, only about 1.5 gallons through it. (Last heli is/was a T-Rex 450SE, but I still consider myself a low-intermediate newbie.) I've seen a few messages talking about changing out bearings in the engine, etc., and I'm just wondering what's the "right" amount of run time before you should be considering bearing re-greasing/replacement, auto-gear oiling, or other types of regular usage-related maintenance.

Everything's running great right now, and if it ain't broke don't fix it, but I also don't necessarily want to wait for something to be obviously wrong before doing preventive maintenance either. :-) Just not sure what sort of service interval to be expecting.


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Central Illinois

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After every crash – LOL

But on the serious side I give my helicopters a through going over once a year. That’s anywhere from 100 to 500 flights depending on what I like to fly for that year.

From my experience Raptors are fairly low maintenance helicopters. If I do have to replace helicopter bearings I try to get replacements that are sealed bearings to keep the dirt out. The stock ones just have a shield to keep the grease in but it doesn’t do a good job of keeping the dirt out. VXB and Boca have sealed bearings.

For the OS50 is you do the crank mod the bearings will last a very long time. Most upgrade to ceramic motor bearings when the stock ones give out.


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rrElite Veteran

Alhambra, CA

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Lube the tail slider, the swashplate ball (both the outside and inside where it slides on the main shaft), the washout (both where it slides on the shaft and the anti-rotation pins) with Tri-Flow before every flying session.

All of the shaft bearings should be lubed every few weeks with a needle oiler. This includes the main shaft bearings, the radial bearing in the swash, the tail shaft bearings (front and back), and the tail belt idlers. All of the bearings in the head should also be lubricated with light oil.

The bearingings in thel blade grips I only address if there is a problem or there is a crash. The radial bearings in the blade grips should be lubed with light oil. The thrust bearings in the blade grips should be lubed with grease.

The auto-rotation clutch should be definitely be cleaned out and lubed if it starts locking up. I usually only take one apart once a year or so.

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rrElite Veteran

10 miles north of Cincy, OHIO

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to tell you the truth, my believe is most people get raptors because they are robust and relatively maintence free!!!

i that's why i got mine...and it has proven to be that way so far. I honestly do give it a good visual check every other flight or so and then tug on stuff (links, swash, belt, etc.) to make sure everything is ship shape when i clean it after a day of flying

other than that...i pretty much leave her alone if she's flying good and not having any problems!!


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rrElite Veteran

Chicago, Illinois

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........before every flight.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterThunder TigerRAPTOR 50 › How often to do preventive maintenance? (Bearings, gear oil, etc...)
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