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08-06-2007 06:28 PM  10 years agoPost 1


Geneve Switzerland

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Has anybody run Fromeco 2S Li-ION pack direct to their RX? I am working on a setup and will be running a Fromeco 2S pack directly to RX with a step down regulator to the tail/gyro. I know many have run 2S Li PO direct, any difference with Li ION?

Any issues in not using a Regulator? Does the regulator perform any other functions? Will the no fly voltage still be set at 7.0 volts under 1 amp?


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08-06-2007 07:11 PM  10 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Stow,Oh- oops, I mean St Louis, nope Stow again,

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Hi Erik.

I run the Fromeco 2s, but I use the regulator set to 5.6 volts. The receiver should handle the 7.8 volts, but the servos are the question. In past experience, it makes the servos wear out MUCH faster with the higher voltages.

At 7.1 volts, I still fly and I have no problem. I notice that the voltage usually drops 1/10 volt per flight. I have taken off at 7.0 volts and after the flight, the pack read 6.8 volts. So, I figure that it is at the end of the pack at 7.0 volts.

The Lipo packs will usually charge to 8.0 to 8.1 at 1 amp load, and the li ion packs are usually at 7.8 with a load after a full charge and a trip to the field.

You don't say what kind of servos you are going to use, but that is usually the determination of the voltage you can use. Some just will not take the higher vo;ltage for very long. Wanna be a test pilot?

Can't just put a regulator in there huh?

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rrKey Veteran

Edmond, Oklahoma

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There aren't too many servos that I know of out there that will handle 8.4v. The JR Z9000 series will handle 9v.

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