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08-06-2007 02:42 AM  13 years ago
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Billy Boy


Chillicothe , Ohio

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Trex SE and DX7
I finally got around to setting up my Trex on My DX7 and deffinatly like it. The question I have is where is everyones Gyro gain set with the Trex and the DX7? Im up to 85% and the tail still wants to jump out on hard climb outs. Im running the JR Servos with the 3400 on the tail. It was rock solid with the DX6 so I dont think there is a servo or gyro prolem it has to be in the setup. Any suggestions.

08-06-2007 04:32 AM  13 years ago



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Bill, I just set up a DX7 on my 450SE three days ago. I am running a 401 with a Futaba 9650 for the tail set-up. Stock tail blades. I was having the same problem and adjusted up and up some more. It was solid in a hover but when I did a flip or roll the tail blew out. So I started to adjust down and down some more. Finally at 63% I got great tail lock and solid both in hover and flips.

A couple more stats that you might want to compare with. Head speed is 3100 to 3200. The ball on my servo wheel is VERY close to the center. I did not measure it but it's probably about 8-10mm I would guess. I have the travel on the 401 set at about 118.

Hope this helps.

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08-07-2007 04:03 AM  13 years ago


Colorado Springs, CO

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I'm running a 401 and a 9650 with my DX 7. My gain is set to 72% and holds extremely well. I run my head speed around 3000. Hope this helps!Life is what you choose to make of it.
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