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08-06-2007 12:02 AM  13 years ago
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governor or limiter ?
Hi all,
I have a Raptor 50 and lately decided to install a TJ pro governor. fast look shown me that there is also a TJ rev max that called a limiter.
Can someone explain what's the difference between the two and what should i go for ?
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08-06-2007 12:40 AM  13 years ago
steve 01


Grand Rapids MI

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I will give you my best explanation
The rev max is a rpm limiter, it prevents over speeding of the head. It is operated using your throttle curves as a primary source of input,So basically it will lower the throttle when needed to prevent overspeeding.
The Throttle jockey govenor works a little differently
It will maintain (or try to )a constant head speed, it will raise and lower the throttle to achieve the head speed you have chosen.

The Revmax can be used with a slower servo with good results
The TJ Pro works best with a fast digital servo
There are different advantages to each, Kinda comes down to preference.
08-06-2007 11:59 PM  13 years ago

rrElite Veteran

below 42 South

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advantages and disadvantages.

TJ pro. Been running one for quite a while. Excellent at holding headspeed. Reliable. Small. Lightweight. (less trouble with magnet instead of optical pickup for me anyway)

Only disadvantage is that this governor is reactive. The engine must slow prior to the governor sending a signal to increase throttle. Yes, headspeed is what we are interested in but there is a direct relationship between headspeed and engine speed and the magnet is attached to the fan. The result....bogging is more possible if you are fanging it hard.

Revmax. Reliable, small, lightweight. prevent overspeeding. Will not increase throttle. Curves must be set but cyclic to throttle mixing, rudder to throttle mixing etc is all able to be used. Sit up on max power during hard manouevres and have the revmax reduce power to prevent overspeeding.

If you are not into hard 3D then the TJ pro holds a nice steady RPM through the range and works fine for most 3D. The revmax is probably better suited to hardcore 3D.
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