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08-04-2007 09:07 PM  13 years ago
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Belfast, Northern Ireland

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My Logo 500 3D
Recieved my Logo 500 3D and have almost finished the build. The spec as follows:

3 x JR DS 589 Servos
1 x JR 810G tail servo
1 x CC 60AMP esc
1 x Fligtpower 6S 3700 Lipo
1 x 20 T Pinion
1 x CSM 560 SL Gyro
1 x JR 770 PCM RX
1 x Orbit 20-10F Motor
1 x 500m main blades

Planning to use seperate RX batterry & regulator(5.1 volts)

All in all a nice model, although having read the posts , I am now a bit worried about the main gear stripping, it is aligned OK and with no backlash it is free but tight and is running OK on the bench. Will ensure that I run soft start to be kind to it.

Other comments on the model:

1)Dissappointed in the quality of the canopy. Must be one of the most flimsy canopies on the market for this size of model. Will upgrade when available.

2) Dissoppointed that the plastic washout base was not at least metal lined. Opted to upgrade to the metal washout base.

3) I added the rotor brake disc on the head.

Is the metal motor plate available now?


Don't say "Crash" say "Ground Proximity Incident"
08-04-2007 09:15 PM  13 years ago


Huntingdon Valley, PA, USA

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You'll love it. Just take the time to get it set up well. If you have any setup questions, let us know.

The canopies are very light plastic, but they last a long time and look great painted.

I was sad about the washout too, but after a few flights it breaks in and works great.

You really don't have to worry about the gear stripping. See my thread regarding gear setup and make sure you observe the steps I list. It's actually quite a durable gear system. I spool up very quickly on my power setup and it runs great. I also wring the heli out well in pitch pumping maneuvers, and never a hiccup.

Post some pics, and have a great time with it.
Aero-Model/Hacker Brushless/Mikado 2007
08-04-2007 11:36 PM  13 years ago


Edson, Alberta, Canada

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The ease of putting on and taking off the canopy will grow on you, I had to go through this to like the canopy as well for the L14. There will be a fiberglass one available as well within a month to two, however I will be running the plastic one as it is so easy to work with. Enjoy your heli, it flies great, ....Once upon a time there were Nitros, flybars and frequency pins...
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