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08-04-2007 03:51 PM  13 years ago
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rrElite Veteran

E. Amherst, NY

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WonderPole 40
Does anyone here add a rod atop to make wonderpole40 45' or even 50'?

08-04-2007 04:26 PM  13 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Forster, New South Wales, Australia

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Rudy, I believe it will be a very rare situation which requires more than 40 feet. (Apart from much higher, which would require the camera to be airborne)Tony Stott
08-05-2007 03:07 AM  13 years ago
Zach Sparks


Norton Shores, MI

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YIKES--I couldn't even imagine
I don't use even the last section of my wonder pole for anything other than a foot or so to slide my gimble on it and even then I don't usually extend the second to last section only about 1/2 way before I want to wire it. I have wired it at the full length but not my idea of safe. The pole is way too flexible that high with any kind of weight on the end. The 30 foot area is plenty high. If you need to go higher be safe about it and buy a different pole.

My pole may actually only be at the 25 foot mark but with my hitch mount up a couple feet and my gimble up a couple feet I get around 30 out of it safely. Any higher and it turns into a noodle with a lot of money at the top.
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