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08-03-2007 04:48 PM  13 years ago
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4s battery setup
Hello everybody. I am looking to get a larger heli then my current blade cp. I am looking at the t-rex 600 but batteries are expensive. So I was wondering if I used a shorter main blade could I use a 4 cell battery instead of a 6 cell. I am just learning to fly circuts, so no 3d. Any insight would be helpful.
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08-03-2007 05:49 PM  13 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Texas - USA

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If you are worried about battery costs, either go with a 600N or go with the smaller trex 450, then all you would need is 3s 2100ma battery.

It is my understanding that with less voltage you draw more amps. I would venture to say that putting a smaller battery in a larger heli is nothing but trouble for both the heli and the battery, and you do not want to intentionally under power a machine, bad idea.

If your going from a blade CP and cost is an issue, a Trex 450 is a nice machine(a significant improvement), and the costs are low. A 50 size machine is more stable, but the crash costs will increase.

If you want a 50 size do it right. You could always go nitro.

When it comes to the land of Helis, cheap parts are well cheap parts for the most part, and you will have problems.
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08-03-2007 06:43 PM  13 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Stockton, CA United States

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6s is probably the bare bones minimum you can run a 50 sized decently. I run my Lepton (running 425mm blades) on 4S and it is adequate for that heli. I also run my TRex 450 on 4s. But even on the stock Align 6S batteries, the TRex 600 performance is not all that great, good for sport flying.

I agree with Zane. If it's cost that is a concern, get a nitro or get a smaller heli like the Lepton or HDX 500 from HeliDirect.
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08-03-2007 08:19 PM  13 years ago

rrElite Veteran

OC ,california

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it wont fly on 4s,6s is the minimum.but if you have 2 4s packs then use them in series and change the motor.Urukay HPS3 KSE 700 HPS3
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