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08-03-2007 12:17 PM  13 years ago

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Brampton, Ontario

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I'll add the non-pro perspective as well:

I bought a revlock and multigov, and I have to say that for a guy that didn't know what he was doing the multigov was a much more simple set-up. When I opened the package and read the instructions for the revlock for some reason I could not really wrap my head around it. The instructions were good but I just could not get it as fas as setting it up with the flashing lights. When I openend the package for the multigov I read the installation instructions, plugged in the LCD screen and voila! This is no knock against the Revlock. I bought it because I heard great things about it, and may still use it in my smaller ship, but for the first timer Multigov has the edge for sure.
08-03-2007 02:44 PM  13 years ago

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Toronto, Canada

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08-03-2007 03:19 PM  13 years ago


Jacksonville FL

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Jester thats not unusual for the RL. If you understand binary and deal with IP addresses and such on a daily basis it makes sense fast.

Others I have had to sit down with but anyone that I've explained to to can set one up pretty quickly.

I also think the multigov is great, its only slight disadvantage is if you need to tinker with it at the field and forget the damn screen!

The Gv1 doesnt support high frame rate servos, and for the price and space it takes up I just dont need to know my max rpm after the flight nor do I feel the need for inflight mixture control.

And as Jagz stated, watch a revlock or revmax in a skytach vs a GV1 and you will see a pretty good difference.
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