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08-01-2007 11:34 PM  13 years ago
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v-stabi help?
I can't get my new unit to work, but I'm sure it's something I am doing. First off, does the usb/serial to vstabi unit go with the white dot up, or down? do I have to use a receiver battery? I'm a mac user, so I'm not even sure if I'm selecting the correct port on this windows laptop I'm using.
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08-02-2007 12:16 AM  13 years ago


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White dot up.

You need to power to unit with an rx pack.

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08-02-2007 09:36 AM  13 years ago

rrElite Veteran

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As Epc2 sais the white dot goes up and the Vbar have to be powered by a rx battery.

If your PC have a serial port (COM) it would be easier to just use that one, but if it doesnt you will have to use the USB dongle that comes with the kit. Make sure you install the drivers for this USB dongle before doing anything else. The drivers for the USB dongle will emulate a com port in your PC and it will assign a virtual COM port number that you should set in the Vbar software, on my computer I think it is COM 17 or something like that.

If you go to the Device manager in your computer you should be able to see what com port the USB dongle has been assigned. Open Device Manager by clicking Start -> Control Panel -> System, then select the Hardware Tab and click the Device Manager button.

When I installed the dongle at first it selected a com port that didnt exist in the Vbar software so I had to change it. If you have to do this I found an article here that shows how to do that.
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁Helicoptere-MikadoOther › v-stabi help?

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