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08-01-2007 03:59 PM  13 years ago
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rrElite Veteran

Western Australia

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Decisions decisions...
Ok, Im getting ready to get a beefier heli, and have been looking hard at the EX.
I have all the gear for it already in my SP, spare glass canopies as well.
Have 470mm carbons and MS tails.
It would be going in my Rotorworkz chassis, and most likely running a Medusa.
While looking at this, naturally I looked at other options.
I looked at the HDX500, Ive held one and worked on one.
Very nice machining and anodizing, and lots of bang for your money.
However there are a couple of things I didnt like, so dropped it off my list.
EX went back to the top of the list lol.
Now Im looking at a Gaui 550, has upgraded metal head, motor and esc is included, and runs 6s 2100+
This heli comes in maybe 100g heavier than a stretched EX ready to go with the same flight packs.
Cheap parts, reviews have been very good.
Im now wondering, do I go with the larger heli, and most likely end up with shorter flights.
Or do I stick with what I know, and get the EX kit and stretch it like I planned??
Im thinking the EX probably, but am interested in everyone elses thoughts.
I have Redrockets stretched SP in my posession now, and I must say, the size is excellent.
This post in kinda thinking out loud lol, but feel free to chime in anytime.
For the love of the hobby
08-01-2007 09:59 PM  13 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Beaumont, Texas;

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Get the Expert version , you will not regret it!!EP8 EX twinring frame
Quick of Japan
EP8v2 EX
08-01-2007 10:14 PM  13 years ago


Sonoma county

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Hey Gorn....
If you get the'll have a.....Flyn' blue berry

to go along with your Flyn' Lemon!....

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08-02-2007 03:17 AM  13 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Western Australia

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Thanks Jimbo

Funny! I needed a laugh
For the love of the hobby
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