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08-01-2007 01:37 AM  13 years ago
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JR E-Voyager
Hello all

Does anyone out there have any comments on the JR E-Voyager kit. I know that it is an older design but I have the chance to purchase a new in box kit for a great price. Has the kit been discontinued? Are parts still available? Any comments would be appreciated.

08-01-2007 02:04 AM  13 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Conroe, TX

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Hi Loren,

My first heli was a Voyager E and I had a great time with it. That being said, there are a number of potential issues with the kit.

The kit is heavy for a small electric. The stock motor is a brushed motor which needs a minimum of 8 cells (NiCD or NiMH) to fly well even though JR claims it will fly on 7. The stock ESC can handle the 8 cell count but would almost certainly croak with a 3 cell LiPO. Brush life basically sucks on the stock motor, especially if you run the higher cell count.

The stock head works OK, but has soft dampening and a disturbing tendency to wobble at low headspeeds (anything below 1400 is in the danger zone). This was known as the VE Dance and was a surefire indication of a low battery voltage.

Overall, if you put a brushless motor with appropdiate esc, lipo power, stiffen up the head (some simple mods for that) and put carbon blades with a headspeed above 1600, it will fly OK but will NEVER be a 3D machine without major (expensive) mods.

I actually enjoyed mine when I had it, but spent WAYYYY to much getting it up to speed. Parts are available and they have an upgraded version floating around somewhere w/ brushless power.

Thats my slightly more than .02 cents worth.
Ralph W.
"Life's Short, Fly Fast"
08-01-2007 02:39 AM  13 years ago



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There was an article a few months back in the Rotorwrold magazine that reviewed the Voyager. I think from memory JR are producing an updated version? In any event, the review was not particularly favourable for most of the reasons Raphw described.
08-01-2007 05:13 PM  13 years ago


Devon, England

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I've got one, and would endorse the comments made by Ralphw.

The gearing is pretty extreme, and you need a motor capable of at least 4000 rpm per volt to make it work brushless. I'm using a Hacker B40-10s rated at 4260 rpm per volt. A C40 would be better, as this has standard mounting - with the B can, you have to file the motor mount quite a lot.

There is an updated version coming - and I believe a conversion kit to upgrade the old one, though whether this would be economically viable is doubtful.

The updated one has had a major redesign, and looks like it should be a very smart little machine.....

I want one.....!

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