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07-31-2007 05:45 PM  13 years ago
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ID this muffler
I have a Cy muscle pipe I want to sell. The problem is that I don't know what it fits. I bought it for a 50 but I think that it may be a 90 pipe. I don't want to mislead anyone so I need to know what are the dimensional differences between a 50 pipe and a 90 pipe.

The dimensions between bolt holes is about 2 1/8 inches the big diameter is 2 1/2 inches the adapter is not factory but it does adapt it to a 50. The bolt hole spacing makes me think it's a 90 pipe

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07-31-2007 06:10 PM  13 years ago

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after you figure it out, let me know if it will fit an o.s. .61
07-31-2007 11:47 PM  13 years ago


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Yes that one looks like the 80-90 sized MP2
The picture looks like the CYMP2 for bigger block engines. The can diameter in the latter half of the pipe is the giveaway. The 50 isn't all that much larger than the front half except the NEWER MP5 one which is slightly larger in diameter but still not as big as yours is.

Yes it will fit on an OS61, OS70, YS80, YS91 and OS91 motors and European motors large size too if the bolt pattern matches that of the OS.

Not really reccommended for the 61 sized motors though a little too much volume internally and it's tuned for larger bore motors.

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