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07-31-2007 04:32 PM  13 years ago
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seattle, WA

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Mini Zoom Advice pls!
After doing all the research I could and talking to ppl with both helis, Ive opted to try my luck with the minizoom over the NR 3D micro. On 2c with foam blades it should make a great living room flyer. I found the newest V2 kit on helidirect for 219, but i dont know what servos/gyro to buy. This will be my first ground up build so im a little lost, especially with the sub micro copter. I plan to buy the 3.X gram 6200 Spektrum reciever to use my DX7. The kit is heli/motor only. What all do i need?

Why are helis SO addictive?
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07-31-2007 11:38 PM  13 years ago

rrElite Veteran


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hi nod
good work on ordering the zoom , i am thinking you will be happier in the long run over the NR-3d micro , the Spektrum will be great with it , if it comes with the motor , you will just need to get servos , motor ESC , and a gyro , batteries & battery charger , dana
08-05-2007 03:56 PM  13 years ago


Land of confusion

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The AR6300 would be a better choice for the smaller footprint, or maybe the AR6100. I don't think you need the full range of the AR6200, at full range this would be a very small dot in the sky.
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