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07-30-2007 07:29 PM  13 years ago
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Bedford,Va USA

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Running out of marketing ideas for AP
Hey ever one,

I have been trying to come up with new ways of marketing my AP business for the last month or so with not much luck.
I found that the Realtors in my area are for the most part not very warm to the idea of aerial photographs.
The local news paper is a total waste of funds.
Trying to sell door to door to home owners is not my cup of tea but……. it sounds inviting if it will work.
I tried sending out flyers and even demos on CD ROM but return was sparse at best.
Does any one out there have any ideas that they would like to share ???
Christopher Ward
07-30-2007 08:59 PM  13 years ago


Hilo, Hawaii

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Try to send some of your pictures to:

1) Law firms that deal with car accidents.
2) Insurance companies that insure cars.
3) Construction companies.
4) Local electric and communication utilities.
5) Take close up pictures of cell phone antennas and send to cell phone carriers.
6) Take pictures of roof mounted air conditioners and send to the condo owner associations.

You have to establish what you are doing may be beneficial to some people and sell the benefits.

What would selling house to house do to you when you are in a neighbhood where the tenant mostly are renting the houses and couldn't care less about what their houses look from the air.

How about going to a neighborhood to take pictures of houses on the ocean front where no one normally get to see that view.

There are a lot of ways to market yourself. You have to be creative and think outside the box.

The local newspaper is not a waste of funds. The paper report news. So if you get a picture of a news event that is fresh and offer a different perspective they will be more than glad to buy it from you. However why would they retain you as a staff photographer just because you take aerial photos.
07-30-2007 09:30 PM  13 years ago


Gassaway, Tennessee

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Up and comming market ideas...
The Utah State police has assigned officers with Bergen AP helis and thats all they do is show up for Ariel photos of accidents and crime scenes, So note that your flying skills can get you a Job as well even though the Job title is NOT what you imagined.
The safe bet with Working for the Stae or Gov, is for now the FAA has no solution to the one they created by actually Quazzi "Illeaglizing" ariel AP for hire with out some sort of Proffecciency Proof, or License. NO problem but they havent a Term or License "Made Up " yet for you to study for ? So BLACK market for cash or work for the other guy that's licensed and insured for Airiel Photo Hazards.
Like Hollywood or the State Police, Maybe Private Eyes can get insurance and permission to hire airial photo pilots.
""“”Unless you want to join a Religious Movement, DON’T drink Holy Water and Castor Oil””
And I thought that I Would never CRASH!!!
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07-31-2007 09:31 AM  13 years ago


London, UK

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Redesigning your website might be a good idea.
I would put the aerial pictures first and the other stuff last. Potential clients want to see the pictures, not necessarily the heli.
I would definetly put a nice shot on the front page!

Also, to get a potential client to buy your product make it easy for them to buy. Offering different deals like "home owner package" and "small business package" etc. might be a good idea.

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07-31-2007 04:51 PM  13 years ago


Boise, ID

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Try using 'before and after' pics in all your marketing material - even your business card...meaning to have the left shot being a conventional street view (nice front door and windows, but what's the other 80% of the property look like?)

The pic to the right of that one would be the same property from OUR point of view - the view that shows the full package of what someone would be buying(exception being the interior of course).

Speaking of interiors, That would be something you might include in your photo package - as long as you're at the property anyway...
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08-06-2007 11:10 AM  13 years ago
Hatim Saeed


Dubai, UAE

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I agree with Nado,
You need to redesign your website. There is very little about Aerial Photography. You might want to create a diffrent website all together specially for aerial photography?

08-06-2007 01:20 PM  13 years ago
Flingwing Pilot


Centerville, Georgia USA

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Marketing Your Photography
There has been a lot of good commment about the web site except that I have seen little on marketing the web site (getting persons to go to the site). Visit the thread "marketing your photography" to see if any of the ideas might help. Let me know. I have not added anything to it for a long time but it should be useful.
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