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07-30-2007 01:20 PM  13 years ago
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For Sale or trade for a GPS.
I live in Michigan.

I am looking for a Garmin GPS 340 or higher or a Whistler 650 GPS or higher to buy or to trade for anything on this list.

The charger you see in my photo cache is not for sale. I don't even have it. I am trying to figure out how to delete the picture but I can't seem to figure out how!!


fm receiver with crystal channel 54 $30

2 sabre s-02 servos $15 for one or $25 for both

I have the EF Sabre transmitter as well for sale for $25 but it does not have the battery pack in it. You will have to get your own.

I have an AC wall plug that plugs into the back of the EF Sabre transmitter for $5.00 to charge the battery pack while it is in the transmitter.

main blades, main blades are good but the center peice which the main blades connect to has a ball bonded on that broke off before. center part is free anyways. $10

I have the main motor and tail motor both work like new still.
main motor $30
tail motor $20

I have 2 black paddles for this electric heli $6

These parts would come in handy for anyone looking for spare parts after a crash but only need certain things.

I have a Maxxswitch that you plug into your receiver, then you can plug in some nav lights to the switch, then you can asign a toggle switch on your transmitter to the channel # you plugged into on your receiver. Then you can turn your lights on and off with your toggle switch of your transmitter. Or anything else that you want to turn on and off with your transmitter. Like maybe a camera! This maxxswitch I had cut the red wire for I was going to experiment with the switch but I ended up not experimenting with it after all. I used something else instead of the maxxswitch. So I reconnected the red wires and put some soder on the connection as well as used that covering that you can use to melt onto the connection to cover it up. The switch still works fine as if it did before I cut any wires. I bought this brand new just recently so it still is brand new and works like brand new minus the appearance of the wire being reconnected is all. $25

home made plate for a manual switch $3

Misc. stuff for sale

98 Dodge Ram 4x4 3/4 ton V-10 8.0 L 2500 regular cab 8' bed loaded with power windows, locks, mirrors, drivers seat, back sliding rear window tinted limo black, side wnindows tinted 50%, almost 105,000 miles, intereor in good condition, kept clean, oil changes and other maintenance kept up to proper time mantenance, 4 1/2" skyjacker suspension liftkit with 3" body lift. 38x16.50 superswamper all terrain tires with rust free chrome rims-kept rims rust free in winter by using WD-40, works great, still has the power and torque when I bought it brand new, I speciallty ordered this truck so I am the only owner, cd player radio with tweaters and regular speakers, air conditioning, just had brand new heater core put in, tonneu cover, sprayed in bed liner which I got asap after I got the truck so there is no rusting of the bed, heavy duty towing pckage with square reese hitch and wiring already for trailer lites and brakes, $15,000

Brother electric typewriter $25

Gateway 2000 monitor $25

I have a mathmetec train set O scale with at least 6 cars with 2 switches and some sighns, the engine puffs smoke and makes a loud train bell sound. The track is that grey track that is out there. Quite a bit of track as well. $220

I have a lionel O scale train set which is a little smaller than the other train set. It smokes as well. I also have a lot of track for that as well as cars. The track is the kind that is silver rails with brown connectors across the bottom of the rails with the silver pins and holes to connect the track. $150

I have a Nintendo, the origional first one that came out with the gun and 2 controllers and a wireless controller with about 8 games including duck hunt and mario brothers. $60

I have the old atari system with about 24 games and paddle controls as well as stick controls and racing controls. $40

I have a rc 4x4 truck that I got when I was a kid from sears. It is called a Lobo. It is Black. It comes with charger and batteries. $50

I have a PC with Windows XP Proffessional and Microsoft Office suite 2003. It has a all around see through case with about 4 neon lights in it with also the fans light up as well. It also has a little disco light with a mirrior in it and the disco light you can change light patterns from a switch in the back. You can also switch to different patterns the neon lights as well. I have buble lights on it as well. I also have for the fan guards, a James Bond, skull, fire and other different fan guards. It has 4 to 5 fans to keep it very cool! It looks really cool too! It has a lot of ram in it and big hard drive enough to run a bussiness on. Comes with CD-RW, speakers also. It is also upgradable. It comes with a really nice 18 or 19" monitor. I keep my stuff clean and take care of it so it still all looks brand new! $600 I don't want to sell it but I need the money! It has a lot of ram in it and is also upgradable.

I prefer paypal, I need your zip code to see how much shipping would be and if not much, there will be no shipping charges.

Any Takers

PM me!


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Home🏬 Classifieds✈️Aircraft🚁Helicopter🏬e-Classifieds - Trade WantedOther Sold  For Sale or trade for a GPS.

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