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07-30-2007 11:20 PM  13 years ago


Kirkland WA

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Eyeinsky asked me to post my specs here so here i am.
I am running a joker 2 with the 45 kicked tail. The tail is well out of the downwash of the main blades. I performed this change last week. Before then i had a slight issue with the tail never feeling locked in and hunting regardless of the gain setting, but that had to do with the thrust bearings in the tail installed backwards.

I can say from my experience, and i am no expert here, that having the tail out of the downwash hasn't seemed to change the flight characteristics of the heli. my flight times are the same, temps on motor esc and main pack are all the same. Im not claiming one side or the other on whether having the tail in the downwash is better then clean air, but having my tail where it at hasn't affected my flight characteristics at all.

The reason for kicking the tail aside from it looking cool was to keep the tail out of the weeds. Also now with the kicked tail i can have more room to run larger blades, which again no expert on but i plan on swinging 800mm mains at 1350 rpm, that is down from my 700mm at 1650rpm. I lift a fair bit of weight thus the reasoning for going with larger blades at a slower speed.

Here is a photo of my setup.

07-31-2007 10:42 PM  13 years ago



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Electric 50 stretched to accept 680mm blades. Max 11 minutes on 8s 4000 Mah pack.

I draw an average of just under 20 amps for a 12 pound heli. That comes to about 600 watts. I agree with previous comments, you need to find the sweet spot for power and performance. Running 710mm blades increases the current to 25 amps. The extra power (150 watts more) is nice for fast climbs, but is wasted for AP since it reduces my flight times by 25% with no change in hover performance. I have not played with anything less than 680's but am looking to try.

The helicopter only turns 1500RPM headspeed. It is no rocketship, however still flies steady in strong winds. I have some great photographs posted from a flight in 40km winds (gusting to 50)
08-06-2007 03:29 AM  13 years ago


Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Long tail boom reduces tail load there for reduces power consumption. True or false.

John said "You need to look at full size heli's. If what you say is true none of them would fly? They use the down trust from the mains to make the tail rotor more efficient by turning the tail blades up into the down thrust."

I had some time this evening and sat down with some my text books. Most of the advance design full scale helicopters do not position the tail rotor beneath the down wash. As a matter of fact they all are out side the down wash area. I also had some discussion with some helicopter mechanics and pilots. The theory is not one that is known to them nor is it cover in text material.

Another bit of info I came across. This pertains to Auto's, most full scale helicopter will not successfully auto rotate between 12 and 300 feet with no fwd speed. Pilots are trained to operate in the safe zone when ever possible. Does any one find this to be true with the small helicopters?

Ground resonance is a self-excited vibration that can happen when the helicopter is on the ground, which may manifest slowly and gradually build up or appear very rapidly. It is caused by one blade leading and one blade lagging at the point of contact with the ground. The feed back from the landing gear especially if on uneven ground can start this condition. This can damage the helicopter if not corrected. The best thing to do if this condition occurs is lift off the as fast as possible it will correct its self immediately. Same goes for landing. Has any one found them selves in this condition?

I have seen this At the time I reduced power she sure rattled on the ground. Next time I will take off.
Hard job competing with gravity.
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterAerial Photography and Video › Electric heli operating time?

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