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08-10-2007 06:18 PM  10 years agoPost 61

rrElite Veteran

Lewisville, TX

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Yep, that's me . . . I had actually taken a couple years away from flying due to personal stuff - job changes, a divorce, etc. and have just recently gotten back in (or tried to . . . what with all the rain and stuff, and I travel for work quite a bit) but the 114 field is my home when I can get there . . . although I have been flying there at one time or another for about 5 years . . . way back when Anthony was still pretty new to the hobby, and the runway was still in the old location . . .

Dunno about tomorrow either . . . I am not a fan of blistering heat - I tend to prefer to hide when it gets this hot! We'll see . . .

- Tim

08-22-2007 02:07 AM  10 years agoPost 62



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freya vs 600n
I run a scedau (mini freya) and a 600n and the build quality on the Scedau is superior. It's a shame there are just a few annoying issues with the 600 as over all it's like flying an angry hornet. I love the quality of the hirobos though and the difference in things like smoothness the tube drives, gearing engine mounts, and ease of maintenance is noticable.

I'm suprised the 600n doesn't have a 4 piece frame set like the 450.

I like both machines but more impressed with the quality of the hirobos.

Really looking forward to seeing aurora released though.

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08-22-2007 03:32 AM  10 years agoPost 63

rrKey Veteran

Montreal, Can. and northern Vermont

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I have close to 50 flights on the 600N Pro and I have had zero issues.
Quite happy with it, with good quality drivetrain and tube drive.
Not much hover on those flights either.

I also have good comments on my Avant FX Hirobo x-spec mechanics

Hirobo part quality is very good, but Align parts are not crap.

My Avant Fx is collecting dust right now.... too busy flying my 600E and 600N.

Life is meaningful flying helis.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterAlignOther › Hirobo Freya or a 600N?
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