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05-28-2007 02:30 AM  13 years ago
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eccentric newbe planker story
now this guy is no friend of mine but I can tell you I know of this guy because he lives by my friend, he must be close to 70y.o., and he is rich with money "moo-laa baby", he has 4.8 Million in the bank, it's old family money from stocks in Bell Telephone, he lives off the interest "so I have been told by his daughter !!",,

well he lives in this tiny log house and lives like a miser, many people don't like him because he talks like he is such a big-shot and he carries a gun, I post last year how this guy showed up one day at the field to watch us fly and he had a Derringer in his pocket, and how he pulled the gun out to show everyone "why he is not afraid to travel" (as he said),, well no one in the club really want's him there with a gun in his pocket but he has not broken any Vermont laws so we can't really stop him from being there, so he comes,,(now I have guns and like them, but with young kids running around the flying field is no place for them !!)

first let me say he has never flown RC before,, well Saturday he shows up with a 40 size high wing Cessna type plane he bought used,, well the better pilot in the club looks at me and tells me as he walks away "this newbe is yours", so when it comes time to fly it I look the plane over and I find it has a rather new Saito 56 in it,that's good, but the Saito is covered with sawdust, so we dust it off, anyway I'm figuring~ "fly it, if he burns up his motor do to the sawdust well he will learn something, right",, then the guys hands me a Futaba Sky Sport Tx,, so I look at the Tx and I look at the guy and I say "where's the Expo" he says "what's Expo) LOL then I think "4.8 Million and he has this $60 Tx,, go figure",,

well the motor ran beautiful as most new Saitos do,, but once I got the plane in the air the trim was so far off the plane was all over the place, I thought for sure it was going to crash,, so we finely got the trim set so the plane would fly straight and level, but that Sky Sport Tx with no Expo made that little plane a real hand-full to fly, it's roll rate was not really that fast but if you just moved the stick a very tiny bit the plane was upside down or flying straight up, it was so tight I wanted no more of flying it, I let the other pilot fly it and land it, that thing needed about 60% Expo,,

so what did I get out of all this,, man, I want a Saito, if there is a perfect motor it's a Saito for sure, we flew that plane for 15 minutes and I don't think that motor used more than 6 oz of fuel, it just purred like a cat, meow ..

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