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05-26-2007 05:38 PM  13 years ago
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ripley, wv usa

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Weak servos or other strange happenings cause crashes?
I have a Raptor 50se that I have crashed 3 times in the last 4 weeks. Every time has been in a vertical dive at approx. a 45 degree angle. It will not pull out. It is like there is no collective or cyclic control. I have Futaba 9202 servos on collective and cyclic. Am I pulling to many G's for that servo strength or is there another gremlin at work here?
I just started flying heli's last year after flying planes for many years and this has got me stumped. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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05-26-2007 05:57 PM  13 years ago
Shoego Heli


San Diego, CA, USA

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Irregardless of servo strength, try a much slower descent and then go to a faster descent all while trying to see if you can control the pull out. Ultimately you should get a stronger servo if you just can't pull out safely. You probably need to learn better collective control overall and also check your engine for correct rpm levels at low, mid and high stick positions.

And like landing an airplane go for a gradual descent on all landings for awhile.
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05-26-2007 08:52 PM  13 years ago


Jacksonville FL

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9202s are capable of handing a 50, they arent lightning quick but I doubt they are causing you to crash unless the servo is bad. Put a load on it with your finger and move the servo with the radio and make sure its not wilting.Andy
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05-27-2007 02:02 AM  13 years ago


Wichita, Ks - USA

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I was running a JR DS821 on collective for quite a while and never had that problem.
I now have a DS8611 on collective and can't really tell the difference (I Swapped it from something else that didn't need it).
Is the engine bogging or unloading? I'd think that if the collective servo was struggling, the engine would unload.
What is your maximum pitch?
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05-27-2007 03:10 AM  13 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Airdrie, AB - Canada

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Check your canopy as well. This is a pretty classic symptom of the elevator binding on the canopy in dive and taking you out. This is why we have that screw in the bottom, and many of us also have the canopy carved just a shade to relieve possible elevator binding as well.

This probably isn't a weak servo. 9202's are WAY better than what a lot are running. But it's possible a weak pack, bad wiring or some other issue is getting to you.

You can literally put cyclic in (with the right collective movements) and flip while in a 45 degree dive without pulling more g's so I don't see why a weak servo would screw you.

Are you bogging it by jamming in cyclic and collective when it isn't responding? Surely you're not maintaining full headspeed and just piling it in. Will it roll while you're doing this?

Good Luck,

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05-27-2007 03:33 AM  13 years ago
A. Bundy

rrElite Veteran

Aurora,IL. 30W/SW of Chicago

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I've flown the crap out of 9202s.Plenty strong.It would not be a shock to hear that these guys are rightr and your canopy is coming loose and jamming the swash.It can jam no up or no down depending on when the canopy hits it.Search "canopy mod".
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