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05-25-2007 03:26 PM  13 years ago
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Gainesville, Florida, USA

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450xl hde
Hey guys,

I put together a 450xl hde. Came with rce-bl25t and align 420L motor. esc has supposed heli mode which is described as 'soft' start. The heli jumps pretty good at startup and whips the blades out of position and then clumsily spins up until enough centrifugal (centripedal?) force pulls the blades into position.

Have tried adjusting futaba 6ex faast throttle stick position settings but does not seem to do much. The stick moves a few clicks before motor starts.

Is this jerk start normal or is there something I can do to eliminate it? Rather annoying and does not seem good on flight hardware.

I am pretty sure I set the esc to 'soft' start. It gives two beeps in the fourth mode.

Tried the number two throttle stick postion at a bunch of different places down to 10%. No change in the jump start. Just when it kicked in relative to stick position.

am programming in the Tx - Futaba 6 faast. tell it a % for the 1 thru 5 positions. No stick handling.

Gotta love the electric. I could have never learned how to fly so quickly without being able to just pull it out whenever I had a few minutes to work out the last thing I was blowing.

SO quiet. Love hearing the blades buzz as it goes by. I think it is supposed to sound like that. It sure sounds cool. In spite of the energy loss associated with sound production.

To the Sky.
Watch out all you moles!!! (Vae, puto deus fio)
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁Helicoptere-AlignT-REX 450 › 450xl hde

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