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05-25-2007 06:29 AM  13 years ago
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Jefferson City, MO - USA

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2 TT Raptor 30 VI For Sale
Number 1 --- SOLD!!
Thunder Tiger Pro36H engine
Header tank
Remote glow adapter
JR XF622 6 channel computer radio - channel 25, new battery
JR NER549X 9 channel receiver - channel 25, 1100mah NiCd battery pack
Arcamax PI gyro
JR NES-507 throttle servo (standard servo, comparable to Futaba FP-S148)
Futaba FP-S148 pitch servo
JR NES-507 aileron servo (standard servo, comparable to Futaba FP-S148)
JR NES-4131 elevator servo (high torque, slightly faster than NES-507)
Hitec HS-525BB tail servo (high speed, designed for helicopter applications)

This helicopter is in excellent shape, having just been sitting on a shelf for a couple of years since last being started. The only problem of note is some scarring in the covering of the heat shrinkable covering on the main rotor blades. Honestly, it looks to me as if the previous owner overheated the blades while trying to re-shrink the blade covering and split the original covering, because there are no scars in the blades themselves, that I can see. For that reason, there is new covering provided for the main blades. Main blades are stock type wood blades, with glued roots as recommended. Receiver is encased in foam-lined receiver box in front of heli, with battery needing attached nearby. Gyro is mounted behind main shaft, and has just been remounted with new servo tape. Gyro wiring has been covered with black abrasion-resistant covering (similar to small-gauge nylabraid) to help protect it and blend it with the chassis of the heli. The same treatment has been given to much of the fuel tubing as well. All servos have been tested as functional, and one servo horn that appeared as questionable has been replaced with a brand new one.

The radio was sent back to JR for service last summer, and has been returned in as-new shape functionally. When I received it, it was in only fair shape cosmetically and functionally both, missing the handle and very weak in the case, and with a very poorly connected battery. I have had the case back replaced, along with the missing handle, and have replaced the battery, as well as had the whole transmitter and receiver pair checked out. While there, I had the tech replace the receiver antenna, since it appeared a bit short. Both TX and RX function as new, though there is no charger to go with them, so you'll need that. I will supply them with an overnight charge from the stock wall-wart charger to start with, though the batteries have never been peaked to my knowledge, so you need to keep that in mind if you prefer to peak charge yours before flight.

I will also ship this heli with the starter shaft, so you should just need to take a little time to get everything ready before you're up in the air. I'll also include the HeliMax blade holder, so that you have a place to park your blades when you're done flying.

There should be a minimal extra expense and you should be flying this heli very quickly after receiving it. This heli also comes with reprinted copies of the downloaded manuals for both the heli and the radio, as well as a CD copy of both of those manuals and some tech tips I found on the internet while looking for those manuals.

I also have a second Raptor 30 that was provided to me as a parts bird, that's nearly complete and only needs a few small parts to be airworthy as well. PARTS HAVE BEEN ORDERED.

This helicopter is primarily in brand new condition...I specify "primarily brand new," because I can't remember if I may have swapped parts between this helicopter and the other one to build the most visually appealing model or not. In order to be ready to fly, I think it will need some canopy standoffs, possibly a couple of small linkage parts, a flybar, some tail boom struts (I've only got one, and it obviously needs two), and a muffler. It's got an OS32H that's just been rebuilt, and a brand new, never-built set of wood blades, just waiting to be installed. There's also an uninstalled header tank for this heli as well in the box of parts that comes along with it. I've not got any servos or radio gear for it, but there is a JR NEJ-150 piezo gyro for it that's not installed yet.

This one will ship with a canopy which has some paint issues...the paint is peeling really badly and should be redone, but that would give you the opportunity to paint it the way you like it and create the heli you really want. It does, however, have at least one spare tail boom, one spare engine cooling fan, one spare main rotor hub, and I'm not sure what other extra parts it may have, if any. I haven't taken the time to do a full inventory...the tail boom and the other parts are obvious.

Additionally, if the second heli is not purchased with the first, you'll need to purchase a starter shaft and the remaining support gear to fly this heli as well. And, if this heli is purchased separately, I'll ship a reprinted copy of the same heli manual as shipped with the first one, and the same CD as shipped with the first one, minus the manual for the radio.

There is also a Tower Hobbies Deluxe 12V starter motor to go with the first heli sold (if the purchaser asks for it). It's got battery cables with clip leads, no battery since it's not designed to be self-contained, but still works well for starting the heli. I've used it a few times with good success, and wanted to make sure to point out that it was available as well. --- STARTER WENT WITH FIRST HELI

I'd like to get around $550 for the first helicopter, and $350 for the second one, but I will consider reasonable offers on either of them singly or both as a package deal.

Why am I selling them? I'm wanting to get into electrics time to head to the flying field.

Of course, packing and shipping will be extra, and I do make sure to pack things well. Thanks for looking!

EDIT *** Since the first heli has been sold and the second heli has now undergone a complete rebuilt and makeover to make it easier to sell, I'm closing this listing. Thanks for looking! -- Mike ***
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