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05-24-2007 05:55 PM  13 years ago
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Palmyra, MI

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Tail belt and blade grip questions
I'm changing my blade grips on my MX400 to the T-rex grips because the stock ones has a lot of slop and so I can use T-rex blades which the LHS stocks. Can I use the stock MX400 blades (if I remove the plastic spacers) with the T-rex blade holders or do the blades need to plastic spacers for strength? My LHS is currently out of the T-rex wood blades so I want to use the stock one's until the LHS get the T-rex blades next week.

I'm planing on puting a T-rex tail boom on my MX400 so I can use the 325mm blades and I know I need a longer belt. Will the stock T-rex belt work or do I need to get the long belt from Heli-Max?

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05-25-2007 04:31 PM  13 years ago

rrKey Veteran


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if you are planning to get trex blade grips, I think you will need to get the spindle as well. I dont know about the blade compatibility though.

Regarding the boom, Yes you can use trex boom with trex belt. I think the MX400 belts seem to be made of better material than trex ones. This is my experience some time back. Things might be different now?
07-22-2007 06:18 AM  13 years ago



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on the blade grips you can change the spacers on the blades and use helimax or align blades
07-25-2007 01:31 PM  13 years ago


Saskatoon, SK - Canada

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I did the TRex boom and tail rotor upgrade. It makes a big difference and here are some of the parts you will need. I have listed two sets of parts. the standard and the blinged versions.

I did a complete tail rotor swap because TRex parts are easier to get and you get more parts in the bag than if you by HeliMax parts.

Tailboom comes in sets of 2 and tail drive shafts come in sets of 4.
Feather shafts come in 4 packs and the list goes on.

Here is a list for consideration:

AGNH1141 — T/R Pitch Slider/Lever - standard
AGNH1142 — T/R Grips w/Steel Hub - standard
AGNH1143 — Composite Tail Blade Set (2)
AGNH1239B — Alum Tail Case - Blue - bling
AGNH1242B — Alum T/R Grip/Steel Hub - bling
AGNH1435 — Tail Boom & Servo Mount X

If you use the TRex hub and grips then you must use the TRex slider.
The Align (or ARK) long belt is better choice but TREX long belt will work. Mount tail servo on tail boom...better all around performance and easier to adjust. Also consider digital tail servo for better response. You should consider a fast servo with lots of torque.

I'll also recommend that you change to the TRex feather shaft and main blade grips. If you order blade grips make sure you get set with bearings. They are made to fit and handle 325 CF's with out spacers. I use the 325 CF's and they are very good. Expensive but good, search hobby store or web for RADIX. Not trying to plug.

Just my thoughts.
I have experimented...crashed...experimented...crashed...up the limit on the VISA...drank heavily...experimented and now think I have found good setup. It works for me and my flying style.

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