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Someone wrote me recently from here and mentoned
they intended to move here from Canada.

My spam filter killed the Email before I got time to reply so sorry about no reply to whoever it was.
This subject comes up from time to time.
Regarding work, there is a constant public servant battle between embassy and immigration people.
From what I can gather it is all depending on what argument the embassy and immigration people are having between one another, Re USA and Aus or Aus and Canada at the time you apply.
Skills or other factors are just excuses the public servants have to give you when they take a mind to reject applications.

It has nothing to do with Govt positions of the day on immigration or public sentiment, it is just a bunch of mental dwarfs in the public service who like to exercise a bit of power they otherwise dont have in their sad lives.
I can only assume the best way to find out the chances is ask your embassy people how easy it is for an Aussie to come to your country and work and that might indicate the current state of affairs between the two and I would imagine they go toe to toe on accepting and rejecting numbers.

The US had a hard line with Aus citizens travelling to the US working for a long time, Aus had a postion to match that re US citizens coming here and likewise didnt have much hope of staying.

10 years ago I met a highly skilled professional in US areospace that had just left the employ of NASA after long service there and had a letter of employment from an Aus aerospace company but could not get a Visa to live or work here.
The reason for that I can only imagine is we cant get Visa's in the US to live and work and it's all Tit for Tat posturing between agencies.
A year later maybe he would have, I am sure he would get in now as it has since eased since then but who knows.

Tourist Visa's, you can get in a snap but unless you made of money you gotta work sometime and that involves going home.

Sorry I dont have any solutions or even the remotest idea how to get around that, to me its pot luck, suck it and see they can only say no and dont be shocked if they do.

Id like to say to people "come and live in Aus" but I can only suggest you visit some time and as far as living here, good luck.


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