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01-16-2003 02:48 AM  15 years agoPost 1
Marvin James


Sedona, Arizona

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I have posted a couple of messages in that last week or so about an on going problem with my Raptor 50 going into fail safe and crashing (3 times). I was beginning to believe that my problem was the GV-1 causing a glitch that caused the rx to go into fail safe mode. Today I went to fly my Raptor 30, which I have had no problems with. I lifted off and flew out about 50 feet and 30 feet high, hovered and flipped the switch to change the head speed with the govenor from 1700 to 1800. I could not detect a change in speed so I moved the switch back to 1700 and then to 1850, at that point the heli went out of control, turned and flew in my direction, I was able to get it back in control and fly it back away from me, where it again went out of control flew back towards me again crashing very close to where I had been standing. I have just recently changed the fail safe settings to go to neutral cyclics, about 5 degrees pitch, and about 50% throttle, which I think should level the heli and let it come down slowly. It did not appear to go into fail safe prior to crashing, but rather seemed to be totally out of control. After the crash, before I turned off the switches I carried the heli to the garage moved both sticks in all directions and everything appeared to function normally. I lowered the antenna and moved about 20 feet away,. everything still appeared normal. One difference now is, the govenor is not functioning because the engine is not running.I am using a 9Z WC transmitter, 149 DP receiver, 401 gyro and GV-1 govenor. Could my problem be my transmitter? Needless to say I am very reluctant to fly anything else until I solve this problem and at this point I don't have a clue how to solve it, so any help I can get here would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for any input,

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01-16-2003 04:11 AM  15 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

Hurst Texas

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OK Number ONE, you want failsafe to take throttle to IDLE, NOT 50%,
A heli will NEVER land itself in failsafe, at 50% you guarantee more damage or possible injury. And at 50% you will never notice short failsafe periods, but going to idle will get your attention.

As for the cause , could be alot of things. Loose crystal, bad on/off switch, loose battery connection, loose anything metal rubbing.

Wildcat Fuels

01-16-2003 05:42 AM  15 years agoPost 3


Santa Rosa, CA. USA

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You mention everything worked when you were 20' away. That isn't very far. If you read Futaba's range check FAQ you will see that 100' is the minimum they recommend.

If you lost 2 helis with the same tx I would guess that it is the problem. It would seem prudent to setup a failsafe, walk a good distance away and then shake up the transmitter. Like move it around, wiggle the antenna and such like that. See if you can get it to failsafe.

Good luck, Guy

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HomeAircraftHelicopterRadio - Servo - Gyro - Gov - Batt › GV-1 glitch or transmitter problem?
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