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01-27-2007 07:46 PM  11 years agoPost 1


Superior, WI USA

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Ok, here is the deal, I have a nexus 30 that I never flew. The problem is I've flown them back in high school with my shop teacher but since he took care of them I never had to them set up. What Im asking is how so you adjust the pitch for the main rotors and tail rotors. Also how do you make sure the controler is setup the way it needs to be for settings. My radio is a Futaba Skysport 6H FP-T6VH with a Heli Max Rate Adjuster and Heli Max Dual Rate Ball Bearing Gyro. So if any one can help me out, I'd appreciate it. Thank You.

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01-28-2007 09:55 PM  11 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

Jonesville , IN USA #1

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I'm afraid to touch this one. Ball bearing gyro??? I think you might have some really out dated stuff there. Your gonna probably need to find someone local to help you out. Might also think about updating your equipment. Just my 2 cents..............

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01-29-2007 02:23 AM  11 years agoPost 3


Lake Zurich U.S.A.

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Are you sure that it is not a ball bearing servo and not the gyro??

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01-29-2007 03:20 AM  11 years agoPost 4



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Ball bearing gyro that old.
Just set up a heli just like your about a year ago.
I set it up for half stick hover
Pitch was set -2 5 9
That radio has to be set up mechanically.
Hope I rember right.
Set your stick mid stick on pitch,throttle.
Use star horn and set it to 90 degree to pitch arm.
2nd hole on servo star should be ball placement
after rotating the servo star.
Move your star 1 notch towards pos pitch
rotate star 180 degree and set it towards pos pitch.
this will give you a one and a half spline off set to
pos pitch.
set ball or z bent now.2nd hole
Set the pitch a half stick 4 to 5 on mains blades.
This should give you -2 to 9 hover at 5
Thottle set a half stick at 90 to engine linkage.
Engine linkage 90 to servo at half barrow open
Move your star wheel one spline to Idle and put
rod on ajust for full close and open with trim slider
all the way down.
This set up is for upright flying
hope this helps.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › Need help setting up
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