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There has been a lot written about the grief some have experienced putting the TT fittings together, and Ron Lund has posted about using an ARBOR press.
It looked like I was going to have a lot of grief as well as the parts are very tight.
So for those who don't have an arbor press but do have a pillar drill here is what I did which proved to be quick and easy without any danger of damage to any of the parts involved and no need for heat.
1 find two sockets, one to fit the diameter of the bearing inner ring, the other to fit the outer ring, the size is important in that they must press only on the ring intended.

2 using a suitable adaptor like a short square rod attach the smaller socket into the pillar drill.

3 place the inner nylon? sleeve on the drill bed

4 place the bearing over the top of the inner sleeve

5 bring down the drill chuck until the socket is directly above the inner race of the bearing, and make sure everthing is lined up square and not skewed. use the drill arm to press the chuck down and the bearing will have the collar safely in place.

6 Place the outer sleeve on the drill bed ready to accept the bearing, lay the bearing on top, and using the larger socket line this up directly over the bearings outer race, press down using the drill arm and "the job's a good un"

When fitting the complete unit onto the TT the way I did this again with minimal risk of damage is as follows.
1 file a small bevel on both ends of the TT to makes sure of not "picking up part of the nylon? inner sleeve

2 line up square and push on using only the inner race of the bearing!

3 when the TT is through use a TT collar's small end to push against the inner nylon sleeve.
I than rested this on a suitable size hole in the bed of the pillar drill so I could predominantly pull as well as push the tube through until it is in it's correct position.

Doing things this way required some patience and care but does get the job done without damage or struggle, at least until the point of getting to a thread stripping when I tried to fit the collar, even before doing it up tight at all! on something which they tell me must be TIGHT

Not every one has a pillar drill i know but hopefully it will help some

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HomeAircraftHelicopterSynergy R/COther › TT bearings method
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