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01-25-2007 10:47 PM  11 years agoPost 1


peterlee,durham - uk

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Hi Guys,
I have just bought the Phoenix sim to compare against my existing Aero-fly deluxe, and have to say it blows it into the weeds.
I am using the sims to try and progress into FF. I can perform passable ( read-slow and frightening ) figure 8`s with my Raptor 60. I usually end up in trouble as the heli gets a little too far away from me causing major thumping in my chest and pains in my wallet! Touching a Brazilian rain forest - I have never crashed - yet!
My comment is: when I use the Phoenix sim, I start off into FF flight using the `training` heli which does not have the gyro on HH - but on rate mode. I find this reasonably easy to fly at up to ballistic FF flight speeds, but then find that coming in for landing and losing speed that the weathervane affect is lost, and so is the tail!
When I switch to HH or to the Knight 50, the tail is locked solid in hover and straight FF, but is VERY reluctant to allow the tail to follow the nose, hence correcting with left/right rudder as required. Is this the same as the real thing? If so would I be correct in thinking to use the flight mode switch to switch the gyro into rate mode after I transition into FF? ( which is something I have found unable to do on the Sim )

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01-26-2007 04:10 AM  11 years agoPost 2
perfesser zero

rrKey Veteran

Dublin, VA., USA

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Tail and HH gyro...
The HH gyro will have to be steered around corners as you've found out, unless you drop back into rate mode. It's not that hard to learn to fly the tail in HH mode, as I caught on really quick even after a 16 year layoff. Just put some right or left tail rotor into it as you make your turns. Besides everyone needs to know how to fly the tail rotor anyway.



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01-26-2007 10:28 AM  11 years agoPost 3
Rob Shaw


Egham, Surrey, UK

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Just fly in HH all the time !! It's the only way to fly

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