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New Zealand

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Has anyone got the tail fin light working on the Funkey 50 Airwolf and if so, how?
The only way I can see to do it would make a complete mess of the fin.
I have a light set comming from MaxxLights and would realy like to get that tail fin light going.
I am thinking of getting a replacement fin to experiment with.
Any help or advice here would be more than appreciated.

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i usually throw the fins to those fuselages in a box with the others and make my own. for one, they are shaped all wrong and i just cannot bear it. i then get some plywood, the real thin almost paperlike stuff from the hobby shop. it may be birch but it is thin and smooth and flexible. then i sandwich(laminate) it with some balsa in the middle. before i glie the ply to the other side, i route a channel in the balsa to run my wires for the light. after i glue the ply to the other side, i then soak the edges with thin ca, sand, prime and paint. the ply is so smooth that after sanding with fine grit papaer like 400 or so and priming, the wood grain doesnt show. oh, i also install a tail skid while i am channeling out for the wire as well. i make it bend a couple of times in there so it doesnt go anywhere should it be called upon to perform its tailskidding duties. sure wish i'd remember to take pictures the 5 zillion times i have done this. but it takes so little time to do, i never think of it. i willbe sure to the next time cuz i know someone will ask again hope all that made sense to ya.

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Greely, Ontario - Canada

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It can be done...
Hi Necroscope;

I ssume you have the prepainted version like I do... and beleive it or not its not as hard as it sounds if you are patient and precise.

The fin is hollow so if you are VERY careful, you can drill a small hole in through the light housing (after removing the clear lense and little aluminum holder) and then drill another hole up on the fin just under and towards the back of the solid circular mounting plate embeded in the middle of the fin. You can then fish the wire through and run it down the tail boom. Only a very small fraction of wire will be exposed, and the tail cone will basically hide it all anyways.

I then reused the small aluminum plate and a smaller clear LED lense cover and got rid of the original "solid" light (which is really too large anyways).

See also:

Good luck!

P.S. The stock light and the aluminium plate/holder can be removed with some careful prying and some pressure. I got mine off relatively easily with no damage to the factory paint... So as to be doubly sure not to chip the paint, score around the little aluminum plate where it touches the paint with a sharp knife first.

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HomeScaleAircraftHelicopterScale Model RC Helicopters › Funkey 50 size Airwolf. How do I get the tail fin light
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