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Hi I have a benzine trainer with semi symetrical 800 stock Vario blades. I am having a problem with the heli ballooning when turning following a straight and level run. The heli zooms up 10 to 15ft no matter what speed it is traveling. I have to reduce pitch during the turn to stop this but it then needs increased pitch as soon as it is flying straight to prevent loss of altitude. has anyone had this problem?

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Zach Sparks


Norton Shores, MI

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Get a symmetrical blade.
Vario 422 blades or 810 VBlades work great.

Your problem is really not a "problem" it is just the way semi-symmetricals fly. It gives you the feeling like you have to plan everything two turns before you do it. Wind of course adds to the feeling.

You need to either learn to fly the semi's or switch to symmetricals.

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Christopher J

rrElite Veteran

Kansas City, MO Californian lost in land of Oz

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Pic up a set of 422's and the "ballooning" should go away. I switch to symetricals when doing still shots on breezy days with the AP ships.

Christopher J
same as I ever was
"Still all set & Flying the original"

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