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At my LHS yesterday the clerk asked my what size heli I had (I was looking at minis at the time) I told him is was a 30. He than showed me a box with a bunch of parts in it. Said someone dropped them off and said anyone interested in them they could have them. I grabbed a set of 550 wood blades. They are Hirobo. that is all I know about them. They had a white covering on them at one time. They appeared to be sealed with something. Are wood blades safe to use without the covering if they are sealed? The plastic covering on my raptor wood blades has split on the end. And if they are safe to use that way I will just take the cover off.

How about painting your own blades? I would do this to if I could. Thanks

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I think that if they are sealed from oil residue then they should be ok to use. I would inspect them very carefully for damage beforehand. Make sure that they are balanced, and check the blade roots to make sure that they are epoxied properly. There is too much risk involved if you are unsure. I have read that the covering is purely there for protection of the wood from oil, you would not want them to get soaked.

I think the problem with painting is that it would be difficult to match the weight of paint being applied from one blade to another, and balancing them would be a problem.

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blade covering
I got some wood blades recently and had to glue on the blade grips and I realized the blade had a clear plastic covering and I thought cool, I wont have to cover them( I did trim around the grips and sealed)...wrong..they lasted about 25 minutes before the plastic ripped at the blade tip and scared the crap out of me!!So I had to cut it all off and cover in monocote. If the cover ONLY is split on your blades, I would clean it good and seal it with some 5 minute epoxy, if the blade is split or damaged, throw them away. Yeah wood blades will fly for a while but they absorb a lot of oil from their enviroment.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterBlades and Night Flying › wood blades and covering
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