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hernando ms

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I am going to buy a new radio. I have been using a Galaxy, many of you that have been flying for years know this radio. The 5 year lithium battery just stopped working after 20 years. I also have a Jr 662 which I used for airplanes and just programed into my 2 helicopters. Anyway, If I get the 7202 I can use it with my 4 JR reciviers which are on 2 different freq. If I go with the DX7 I will basically start over on radio gear. Is the DX-7 and its technology worth the added cost and trouble. By the way 3 of these recievers are 15 years old. Thanks for the feedback.


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01-22-2007 08:52 PM  11 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Wichita KS

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no glitchs
no frequency board
no getting shot down when some idiot turns on their transmitter

seems like a no brainer, I would have bought spectrum at twice the current price because of the money it saves me in future headaches.

Dump that 1900's 72 mHz technology and get in the 21st century already!

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La Vista, NE.

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Another thought - think about how many Eflite Blade CP's, CX's, Walkera, etc.. have been sold to people who don't know much about the hobby - all on 72mhz. Some could be flying within 1/2 mile of your field.

I've seen a few people get shot down by someone else in the pits turning on a TX on the same freq. - now with dial-a-channel it's even easier to make the mistake.

My DX7 equipped birds will not be subject to this.

I have 10 receivers for my Airtronics RD-8000. I will continue to use them but when that equipment is crashed or fails I will replace it with DSM equipment.

I'd suggest using your 662 for the existing equipment and get the DX7.

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Chattanooga,TN USA

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I second that emotion


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