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Lincoln, Ne

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Hi, it has been quite a while since I flew (tried to fly) my heli. I was still learning to hover when things came up and had to quit until now. I have the V1 raptor 30, the V2 had just come out when I had to quit so I do not really know the differences between them. That brings me to my questions. What is the difference between the V1 and the V2. I know there was a change in the head/grip design. That is all I know. How much of the conversion can I do to keep it to a minimum? I am on a limited budget right now. I have two kids, don't work ing the winter, and wifey is in grad school. I am mostly converned about the blades suddenly going out of track. I forget the term it was called, just know that the Raptors had this problem with many different fixes that people claimed it the blade grip...ect. Any help would be appreciated in any of these areas if anybody sitll flys them. My LHS is trying to converet me into electric saying I am wasting my time on gas. Infact they stoped carring gas helis and parts. Thanks. Tom

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Jacksonville FL

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The V1 and V2 have lots diferent parts.

The frames are diferent, the clutch, the main head, the canopy ( incl. posts ) etc.

If you have a low budjet, you can still fly your V1 with no issues.

I heard that the V1 had many clutch problems and it was resolved with the V2 clutch/bell.

About the blade tracking, check the dampers, plastic head and grips.

Personally i prefer nitro rather than electric helis, but that's my choice.

The electric can be cheaper for replacement parts, i guess if you buy a trex or something like that.


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I flew my V1 stock fot 2 years with no issues,I don't fly 3D,If you are just learning to fly I would leave it alone and enjoy it.If and when the clutch fails replace it with the v2,if you have a mishap and need to buy replacement parts replace them with V2.When you advance to more aggressive flying think about replacing the V1 with a V2 or what ever is out when that happens.I have some old birds that have been converted to scale ships and they fly just fine

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