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could someone be so kind off measuring the mixing lever ball link distances on the kasama mixing levers?

I would need 4 distances. each time from the middle of the ball link to the center of the bearing where it pivots since there are 4 ball link holes apparantly on the levers

thanks a lot

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Riverview FL

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Not sure what you are looking for. You can visit the forum for Kasama products

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The following is a cut and paste from a pm discussion I had with another RR member. More info than you want but hopefully helpful anyway.
I did some measuring and calculations on the mixing arm ratios you might find interesting. I'm not saying one way is better or worse just sharing my findings for what it's worth. Using the two outer holes in the mixing arm and full travel on the pitch arm I was getting +/- 13 degree collective (26 total). That would be the same on any raptor, and has nothing to do with any radio settings. Originally you had yours at 13 then reduced it to 12 and that's exactly what I did via endpoints but only a minor endpoint change. So, is the amount of pitch available using the inner hole on the long arm and the outer hole on the short arm benificial??? Also, if that config is used is it undesirable to have such a large endpoint reduction required to bring the pitch down to 12 or 13 degrees??? Questions I certainly don't know the answers to. Anyway, on to the measurements:

Measured from the pivot point.

Outer hole long arm 32mm
Inner hole long arm 28mm
Outer hole short arm 18mm
Inner hole long arm 14.5mm

Mav (assuming same as TT stock)
Long arm 32mm
Short arm 15mm

Leverage ratios from tame to wild
Long Short

outer inner 2.207
inner inner 1.931
outer outer 1.778
inner outer 1.556

What does this all mean, I have no idea. I suppose it's just interesting to see the difference between all the settings and how they relate to each other. As for me I feel a certain amount of warm fuzzys just knowing the links can't bind at any time even though I doubt very much they do during flight in any hole in any arm.

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