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11-26-2006 10:43 PM  11 years agoPost 1


Brandon Florida

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I like the blade cp but now I want a cheap .30 trainer anybody got one for sale?

if it needs work, it is ok.

just cheap is what I am looking for for now.

can I buy a kit and use the electronics out of my blade?

anyone got a nitro heli for sale for $300 or less???

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11-26-2006 11:41 PM  11 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Rochester, NY - US

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I won't say it's impossible to use your BCP electronics in a small nitro, but I think most would agree it's impractical. Although you could probably make the radio and gyro work, the servos would be a major weak link. You will probably want to keep the BCP intact anyway when you don't feel like going through the whole nitro affair just to fly.

Check out some of the package deals at a place like Tower. They usually do a pretty decent job picking out the right parts.


11-27-2006 12:45 AM  11 years agoPost 3



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I think you want at least 50-60 oz of torque minimum for cyclic servos on a 30 size glow bird. I use futaba S3152 servos. Digital, inexpensive($29.95ea at Tower for pack of 3), lots of torque, but kinda slow at .22-60*. Great servo for learning. Try to get a servo with at least 40 oz for the tail and FAST too .11-60* or better.

GAHH!!! Someone call 911!! My wallet is bleading heli parts!!

11-27-2006 03:23 AM  11 years agoPost 4


Lake Charles, La.

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No, your nuts if you try it... Listen to COOKIEULT70. Even standard servos will fail pretty fast. I like Hitec HS-635HB servos in my .30. They are not digital but at 4.8V they are: .18sec and of torque with DUEL BEARINGS and karbonite gears. Ball bearing servos are very important in helis. Don't use $10 dollor servos, ask me how i know........

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11-27-2006 06:53 AM  11 years agoPost 5

rrKey Veteran

Las Vegas, NV

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I think the heli bug might have bit you
I don't know your budget but if cheap is what your looking for, you'll end up spending more $$$$$$$$$$$$ down the road. If I could do things over again, I would've started off with a Raptor 50 instead. There just more power that can be squeezed out of a .50 engine that'll keep you entertained longer than a .30 size engine. But thats just my opinion and personal experience.

11-27-2006 07:59 AM  11 years agoPost 6


Longueuil, QC, Canada

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There's no such thing as a cheap heli :-)

They'll all run at about 3000 until you get it up and running fine.
You start with 1200-1500 and if you get to 3000 and are able to stop and the heli satisfies you fine, you've got yourself a cheap heli

And low end parts have very short life, like 3151s are fine for a dozen of flights then they start to deteriorate, acting slow less precise, less torque, etc. So you'll have to upgrade anyway.

But if you just want to try yourself in the hobby, then sure, go for low end servos, FM receiver, 401+9254 gyro (I have no idea of the cheaper alternatives) and you'll be flying it fine. If you like it then you can upgrade, that's how I did it and don't regret it.

While the heli itself is the cheapest part anyway.



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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › I think that I want to go nitro .30 trainer too.
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